Are you looking for more wholeness, more joy, more depth, and more accountability in your relationship with God and in your relationships with others?

I want to invite you to join me starting January 1 for Deeper Journey. When you join this group coaching experience, you will receive:

confidential peer support in a private Facebook group
bi-weekly lessons
bi-weekly journaling exercises
bi-weekly QA webcasts
daily engagement
1 e-course covered every two months (Fresh Starts, Intimacy with God, Relationships 201, Meaningful Life, and more)
option of lifetime access to the group and all its resources beyond 2020

I started Deeper Journey in January 2019. And it has been an absolute blast!

Why women JUST LIKE YOU joined Deeper Journey?

I am craving community and haven’t had any close women friends in a long time
I want to be whole – free from brokenness.
I am so incredibly bored with my life right now and it really isn’t working for me right now.
I want real change and don’t want to repeat mistakes i’ve made in the past
I want to push myself to be more transparent and open with others about my difficulties.
I want to be giving more to those around me and be an example of Christ’s love but I have a ways to go
I want help to meet my goals; I feel alone a lot of the time and would value the connection with other like-minded women.
I have felt a connection with Elisabeth and so many other women and I believe we all have something to share that could help someone else in their journey of healing
I want the accountability and the connection that this experience will bring. I want to grow relationships with women who will point me back to truth. And I want to get unstuck.
I am at a crossroads in my life. I know I need support and encouragement of others in similar situations. I also want to be a support to those going through this difficult time.
I need help finding peace in my life again
I always start things and do not finish them. I think it would be nice to have a group of ladies working and growing alongside me to encourage me and learn from each other more consistently.
I need and want to make changes.
I am determined to get through the rest of this life with a greater faith and relationship with Jesus. I believe being in a group where other women are also seeking that will speak life and truth.
I feel this could be THE answer… Someone being along side me
I am looking for a perspective and encouragement from someone who has been there and can give encouragement and input as I try to navigate this life in a wise and Christ-centered way.
I am craving to know Jesus more, spend more time in His word, and root my worth in Him.

How does this sound to you? Does this sound LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE?

Let me share what women said who’ve spent the past year in Deeper Journey:
Amen! I needed this right now.
Thank you for these much-needed reminders!
I am so thankful that you touched on that Scripture passage in our lesson.
You are so encouraging…just what I needed right now!
I’m going to spend some time exploring the root of my fears and ask God to replace them with truth.
I’m going to ask the Lord to come and enter those areas that need healing.
I’ve loved talking about using our gifts to move forward and make a difference in the world.
Thank you for your dedication and love for this group.
Thank you for the last several months…thank you, thank you.
Yesterday’s teaching was fantastic!!!


2 months:
Confidential Facebook group and peer support for two months
Bi-weekly lessons
Bi-weekly journaling exercises
Bi-weekly Q&A Facebook Live webcasts
1 course covered in two months
Monthly payment of $45

6 months:
Confidential Facebook group and peer support for six months
Bi-weekly lessons
Bi-weekly journaling exercises
Bi-weekly Q&A Facebook Live webcasts
3 courses covered in six months
Access to previous six months’ of webcasts
Monthly payment of $40

1 year + lifetime access:
Confidential Facebook group and peer support for one year and beyond
Bi-weekly lessons
Bi-weekly journaling exercises
Bi-weekly Q&A Facebook Live webcasts
6 courses covered in twelve months
Lifetime access to previous twelve months’ of webcasts
Monthly payment of $35 OR one-time payment of $400 for best savings


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