I believe that there is a plan.
I believe I can’t always see the plan or understand it.
I believe there are no Plan B’s.
I believe that life is both difficult and beautiful.
I believe that pain makes you more grateful.
I believe that good always comes out of bad, that light can come out of darkness.
I believe that strength comes through walking and waiting through trials.
I believe that I always have a choice.
I believe that I am not alone.
I believe that life is best lived out within the spacious boundaries of faith.
I believe there is a God who is both just and loving.
I believe he will never let me go.
I believe he is transforming me into something lovely.
I believe he wants my time and my affection and my heart.
I believe I can heal.
I believe because I have experienced heartbreak that I can help someone else down their difficult road.
I believe reaching out in the middle of my pain will help me too.
I believe my words matter.
I believe naps are highly underrated.
I believe prayer works.
I believe a good book can soothe the soul.
I believe friendship is one of life’s greatest benefits.
I believe sorrow has made me a kinder, gentler person.
I believe I have messed up.
I believe I have been forgiven.
I believe I can move forward, no matter my past.
I believe God wants to use me.
I believe there is beauty all around me.
I believe I can be a good mother.
I believe my life is not over.
I believe I am stronger than I thought.
I believe there are good things up ahead.
I believe only one opinion of me matters, and that’s God’s opinion of me.
I believe I am loved just for who I am.

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