WholeHearted Project: Summer Edition


Are you looking to try something new this summer? Something that will give you a bit of a nudge but isn’t too taxing?

I’ve got just the thing! Bundle any three of these mini-e-courses for only $49 and spend your Summer becoming more of who God created you to be.

Step 1: join my FREE private Facebook group

Step 2: click on the course title below any of the course descriptions to bring you to the order form, then CHOOSE THREE for only $49!

want to use your gifts to bring redemption?
Beauty for Ashes

want to use your gifts of writing and communication?
So You Want to Be a Writer?

are a bit bored with your life?

want to live more authentically & contentedly?
Meaningful Life

are engaged or about to remarry?
Remarriage Ready

are adjusting to remarriage?
Remarriage Ref

struggle with at least one precarious relationship?
Relationships 201

long to feel closer to God?
Intimacy with God

would give anything for a clean slate?
Fresh Starts

struggle with overwhelm and anxiety?
Worry & Trust

when your children have flown the coop:
Emptying Your Nest

when you’re struggling to identify your own needs?
Needs: What are Those?

when you are longing for more healing in your heart & life?
Healing & Wholeness

Each course is 3-4 weeks long and contains readings plus reflection questions sent to your email each week.

Email me with any questions about the courses OR fill out this coaching proposal if you’re just not sure what you need next.