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Elisabeth resonates with the wounded woman
and hopes all women can move further into wholeness in their relationships
– with God, in their marriages, with their children, with their friendships,
and themselves.

Since 2002, she has spoken to over 175 women’s and MOPS’ groups and retreats, reaching over 6500 women.

speaking topics

*NEW!* Who Me, Worry?

We women carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We’ll discuss three practical tools to help us manage our daily worries as well as an attitude-adjuster that might just change how you view worry altogether. (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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*NEW!* Who Am I?

Women struggle with issues of identity, with our roles, with where we fit in, with if we’re good enough. We’ll tackle some lies and refute them with Truth. (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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If interested in hosting an All Things New one-day retreat for separated & divorced women or a Beauty from Ashes one-day retreat for women who are going through or healing up from seasons of pain, email Elisabeth for details.

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Plan B Life: This Isn’t What I Signed Up For

When life looks nothing like we planned on or hoped and prayed for, what does God want us to do about it and learn from it? (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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Calm in My Chaos

How can a woman find calm in the midst of her chaotic life? Find practical ideas and encouraging inspiration for increasing the calm and decreasing the chaos of your crazy life by investing in your mental, relational and spiritual reserves. (Tone: Light; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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Fresh Starts

Do you ever feel like you need another chance with God? We’ll take a look at a variety of situations when a fresh start is what you’re wishing for. (Tone: Light/Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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Relationships 201

Relationships are costly and can break our hearts. We’ll tackle conflict resolution, boundaries, forgiveness, and letting go. (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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When Life Feels Harder Than You Think It Should Be

Life will hand us trouble…it’s not a matter of if but when. What can we do during the peaceful times of life to shore up and prepare our hearts, and when the trouble comes, what can we do to spur on the healing? (Tone: Medium; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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Calm in My Christmas Chaos

When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Shopping, baking, relatives, stress? What happened to the peace? That is exactly what God wants to give us during this time. (Tone: Light; Audience: Seeker or Believer)

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Elisabeth is the same person on her blog and on Facebook as she is at her book table and behind the podium and out there {in the world}. I absolutely recommend grabbing your girlfriends, sisters, moms, (ok, anybody really) and going to see Elisabeth. Everything about her exudes the love of Jesus. You will be refreshed and encouraged that God is in control of whatever situation you are facing.
- Candi Evans

Retreat Coordinator, Living Word Fellowship, Savannah, Tennessee

Elisabeth’s message spoke deeply into the hearts of our women.  I know that the Lord used her story to bless, encourage, and inspire many.  No one left untouched.  Thank you, Elisabeth, for being an open vessel to share how God has used your brokenness to bring you to a closer walk with Him and to be a giver of comfort to many hurting women.
- Sharon Nutter

Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, Elmhurst, IL

Richard & Elisabeth Klein Fisher


Richard (Buzz) & Elisabeth have both been through the fire
– difficult marriages, divorces, readjusting to their new marriage –
and they want to share their stories with you to bring you encouragement and hope.

*NEW!* From Brokenness into Wholeness

Elisabeth and her husband, Richard, will share their stories of moving from brokenness into healing, and share how God brought them together for a second chance. Time will be allotted for Q&A.

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This beautiful, gracious couple. Wow!!! Thank you so much Elisabeth and Buzz Fisher for coming all the way to share your journey, life testimony and love story with us. You are so special and you touched my heart with your open, honest, raw and real life experiences and testimonies.
- Beth, retreat attendee

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