Does the idea of dating utterly repulse you?
Does the idea of dating scare you to the point of near-emotional-paralysis?
Do you HATE men?
Do you HATE your ex-husband?
Do you feel desperate or panicky at the thought of living the rest of your life on your own?
Are you looking for someone to be your savior, to come to your rescue, to help you raise your kids, pay your bills or help you feel better?
Do you have a growing addiction to things that are filling you up in unhealthy ways (i.e. alcohol, food, shopping, porn, sex)?
Do you feel you’ve done (at least some of) the work you need to do, to forgive your ex-husband?
Do you know your part in the ending of your marriage?
Have you prayed about whether to start dating yet?
Have you talked to people you trust (i.e. coach, counselor, sister, mom, friends) to see if they think you’re ready to date yet?
Are you doing okay on your own? For instance, are you enjoying your life? Not crying lonely tears every single night? Have good friends?
Can you take or leave a man right now?
Are you looking for a companion, someone to partner with you and to share your life with? Someone whose life you can make better and sweeter?

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