Needs: What Are Those?


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Women are givers (understatement).
Women give and give and give, sometimes pouring out more than we have to pour, amirite?

Do you resonate with any of these statements?

I feel like I’m always bending over backwards to meet the needs of others and being selfish if I address my own needs.

I’m always suppressing my own needs, putting others before myself in everything…and I mean everything.

I give and give and give with no reciprocity. How does Jesus want me to give? And my own needs, what are those?

In this e-course – Needs: What are Those? – we will tackle the following:

Am I allowed to need?
What are my needs?
What does Scripture mean when it says that God will supply all my needs?
How do I balance meeting others’ needs with my own self-care?
Am I too needy?

You will receive the following:
a needs assessment
five teachings with Scripture, prayer, reflection exercises and next steps

value: $75
your cost: ONLY $15


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