Your marriage is difficult. As in, much more than the average marriage.

There might be a lot of arguing, a lack of connection and sex, perhaps abuse or addiction.

I’m guessing you cry a lot. Or, on the other hand, you’ve emotionally shut down because you’re just so tired of trying. You throw yourself into your children, your work, your hobbies. Or, you’re barely able to function because of the circumstantial depression that has settled over your life.

Things have not turned out the way you’d hoped, to say the least. And you don’t know what to do.

(I know all of this, by the way, because this was my life for almost twenty years.)

But, you plan to stay. For now at least, you are not going anywhere.

Did you know that you can stay poorly OR you can choose to stay well? Yes, you have a choice.

Here are your options:

You can keep doing what you’re doing, expecting different results one of these days.

Or, you can change how you look at your situation and how you respond to it.

If you’re ready to move towards healing and wholeness and, yes, even hope, let’s spend twelve weeks together. Let’s learn how to stay well.

You’ll receive:
weekly lessons
weekly journaling exercises
monthly webcast teachings
tools to help you think more clearly, act more maturely and feel so much better about yourself, despite your difficult and painful circumstances

Topics we’ll cover:
what is my role?
self care (physical/mental)
self care (emotional/relational)
self care (spiritual)
forgiveness vs trust
God defines me not my marriage
our identity
thriving vs surviving


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