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Marriage Challenge Bootcamp



Marriage Challenge Bootcamp: a 14-day journey to more peace in your marriage & your heart

Have you ever felt like this:
I will be lonely forever.
I’m the only one trying.
I’ve tried everything.
There’s no point, it’ll never get better / change.
The LORD will somehow make it better if I just keep waiting and forgiving and trying.
My husband doesn’t: acknowledge, apologize, think there’s anything wrong; hard to work with that.
People don’t change.
I’m a horrible wife.
My husband is an — (abuser, addict, adulterer, a–…).
I can’t leave because I don’t have biblical grounds.
I’m exhausted; I’m done trying.
I have zero hope that I’ll ever have a good marriage.
It’s my fault for not doing x, y, z.
If I can just get him to be happy, we’ll be okay.
They say you are only as strong and happy as your weakest relationship, so…

I’m this-close to being legit done.
I will never be loved.

Sometimes we can change our circumstances; but sometimes we cannot.
And when we cannot change something that is frustrating, we must, absolutely must, change how we think about that circumstance, lest we remain stuck, go a bit crazy or become bitter.

In this 14-day Marriage Challenge Bootcamp, you will receive, via daily emails:
a marriage assessment tool
7 teachings to encourage you
7 reflection exercises to journal through
7 prayers to pray
7 Scriptures to memorize
7 new beliefs to focus on
7 articles to inspire

If you commit to this 14-day Marriage Challenge Bootcamp and avail yourself to all the tools, you will gain more peace about your marriage and in your heart.


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