Healing & Wholeness


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You have been through something difficult.
I am not saying this as if I’m a psychic.
I am saying this because every human being has been through at least one difficult thing in their lives.

But I have a feeling that you have been through more than just one hard thing, haven’t you?

And I also have a feeling that the pain lingers and leaves you wondering if you’ll ever feel normal again, ever feel better again, ever feel whole.

In this e-course – Healing & Wholeness – we will tackle the following:

Why do I feel so broken?
Why am I so comfortable with pain?
What have I done?
Why do hurt people hurt people?
What do I do when I feel without options?
Is it time to get help?
Why can’t I be healed right now?

You will receive a seven teachings with Scripture, prayer, reflection exercises and next steps.

value: $105
your cost: ONLY $17


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