Dating After Divorce


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Dating is scary. No matter if you’re twenty or forty or sixty. No matter if you’ve never been married or married a couple times. Dating is scary. It’s a very vulnerable place to put yourself out into the world and basically say, “Will someone love me for me?”

I know, because I’ve done it.

And just like I walked you through a difficult marriage, and just like I walked you through separating and divorce, and just like I walked you through single parenting, I’m here to walk you through dating.

I don’t have all the answers. Not by a long shot. And I wouldn’t dream of telling you there’s one way to do this. Uh-uh.

Because every person is different and every path is unique.

But I am here offering up, once again, my mistakes and victories and funny stories, as I navigated getting back out there, as they say, and finding a second chance at love.

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