Childhood Wounds

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Raise your hand if you were ever told as a child that you were “mature for your age”?

I know I sure did…A LOT.

It was meant as a compliment and I took it as one every time, puffing up my chest a bit, inwardly rolling my eyes at my childish peers.

But let’s think about this.

Kids are SUPPOSED to be kids.
Children as SUPPOSED to act their age.
That’s how you know they’re healthy and loved and secure.

Because when a child is acting mature for her age – nine times out of ten – it’s because something is going on in her little world where she feels she HAS to act mature for her age.

A wounding, an abandonment, some kind of chaos or trauma is occurring that’s making her feel she has to:
hold it altogether
not be an additional burden
not add to the stress and chaos and drama
just deal with the losses
keep something hidden that should be out in the open

So, does this sound like perhaps it was you? It was me, it was me, it was me, that’s for sure.

CHILDHOOD WOUNDS (and how they still can affect us today)

I know, I know, who wants to look back? Especially when we’re grown-ups now and have these lives we’re trying to manage?

But I can tell you this: when we don’t look back, when we don’t name our reality and what happened to us (or what didn’t happen to us that was supposed to happen to us), we live out our childhood patterns even if they’re no longer helpful, even if they’re hurting us or others.

Childhood Wounds – a four-week group coaching experience – will help you:
*assess your relationships with both your father and mother (and/or other significant childhood caregivers)
*grieve & process
*uncover the patterns and coping skills you learned that served you well as a child but may be holding you back as an adult
*practice letting go in tangible ways
*learn how to get unmet needs filled in healthy ways
*point you to the Father who has never left you

You will receive:
four weekly lessons
four weekly reflection exercises


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