Are you Ready to Date Again? 

14 questions to ask yourself post-divorce

Do any of these sound like you?

There are no good guys out there.

I think I still love my husband.

I’m so lonely.

Maybe if I just start dating again, I’ll feel better.


Wow, I swear you’re inside my head!

(I’m inside your head because that was me a few years ago!)

And yes, It’s a scary world out there . . .

Especially after you’ve been heartbroken!


If you’re officially divorced and want to know if you’re ready to date again?

Sweet girl, you are married until you’re divorced and should press pause on even thinking about dating, for your own sake. 



Jump in & take this heart-illuminating quiz!

Sweet Girl,

I’m a relationship coach, helping women reclaim their sanity and lives through difficult marriages and divorces. Because I went through the same hardship just a few years ago, I know the pain and difficulty it can bring. I promise there is hope & emotional wholeness for your future — it might not be easy, but together we can get there!


Elisabeth you never disappoint. You shoot it straight. Even when I don’t want the truth. It is what it is. And I’m ever grateful. ​

anonymous client

Life isn't always how we want it. When change seems elusive, and we're stuck in old routines, a gentle push or some self-reflection can make a difference. Let these questions be that nudge to get you moving.

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