Elisabeth changed my life.


Elisabeth is the same person on her blog and on Facebook as she is on the phone and at her book table and behind the podium and out there {in the world}.

Retreat Coordinator

Elisabeth’s work has encouraged me because so much of what she writes echoes my own feelings and experiences. Her Facebook groups encourage me because it is a community of people who can relate to and understand my struggles.


You are an oasis in a terrible sandstorm
of confusion and fear!
Never stop writing.


I stumbled upon your blog right when I needed it, and you never disappoint. You shoot it straight. Even when i don’t want the truth. It is what it is. And I’m ever grateful.


When I stumbled onto Elisabeth’s writings, I remember thinking ‘I’m not alone! Someone gets what I’m going through and is living to write about it!’ Her blog and books have been like a dear friend I could turn to for encouragement and understanding while God stitched my heart and restored my marriage.


You were such a blessing to me {at the retreat} this past weekend. My sister, daughter and I recapped your words on the way back and I read parts of your books aloud to them in the car. Thank you for filling my cup with encouragement and bringing me so much comfort during my dark time.

It is amazing to see how God is using you to help others.

Retreat Attendee & A Place For Us Member

Elisabeth’s work has helped me by showing me how the two seemingly divergent paths of walking through a divorce and walking in holiness do not have to be mutually exclusive.


Your ministry to women is changing the world one woman at a time.
You’re my hero!


I would like to thank you for walking with me through the last two years of extreme difficulty and hurt. You don’t know me, but you’ve held my hand while I walked across burning coals.

A Place For Us Member

I felt so alone and didn’t even know that what I was thinking made sense, was normal or pleased God.   I am reading your words and it is exactly what I am living.  Thank you so much!   I couldn’t get through this without reading your words.  I am so glad God sent your blog to me.


{Elisabeth} has been and continues to be OUR voice.


Elisabeth is a truly remarkable person. While there are many resources out there to help women at various points in their lives, not all of them have walked the path of the women they are attempting to help. Elisabeth has walked that path and willingly shares her own experiences, both good and bad, with these women. These women then realize they are not alone and that others have walked their path and are willing to help. Most importantly, her faith in God and his plans are foremost in her works. This is so critical for women who may feel their faith being shaken at a time in which their faith needs to remain strong. I refer women to Elisabeth whenever they desire or need inspiration and encouragement to get through those rough spots in their lives. We all have a calling from God, and I am thankful that Elisabeth has heard God’s calling.

Roman Seckel

Family Law Attorney

As a guy, I can’t tell you (because it’s against guy code) how many times I have forwarded your blog to my friends (male & female) and said something like “this is EXACTLY how I’m experiencing divorce recovery/new relationships!”  I love it AND hate it.  I just wanted to encourage you to keep being honest and to let you know that many more men (at 40+ years) than will admit are just as broken, hopeful, distraught, prayerful as you are able to describe so accurately in words. I will continue to pepper my small group (8 divorced men) with your wisdom, humor and challenge of staying faithful in prayer–no matter what happens. You’re doing important work…God bless you for continuing to stand in the gap for those of us hurting & recovering, stumbling and learning. You. are. a. warrior!


I love Elisabeth’s blog. It’s water to my soul. It’s truth in love.


Elisabeth is the only one who has professionally and personally walked this painful journey and has the guts, wisdom, faith and abilities to stand up and represent “us” and assist us in this scary journey of our lives. Her words are comforting, meaningful and helpful to thousands of people. She is a genuine blessing from God. Thank you, Elisabeth! Love you!


I have very few friends who are divorced and although they’ve been very supportive I just feel like they don’t relate about so many things. So many times when I read a devotion in “Unraveling” or blog entry I think, “I thought I was the only one who felt this way…” and am so relieved to know I’m not. It is so nice to have the support and encouragement from a Christian point of view.


Elisabeth’s work has helped me by challenging my thought processes in relation to my separation. Because I have ‘biblical grounds’ for divorce, it is easy to cast myself in the role of the ‘innocent’ party, but she has made me aware that I too have contributed to the demise of my marriage and need to address those issues in my own behavior which were unhelpful and unloving.


Elisabeth’s work gives me comfort and peace by reminding me that God has not left me or forsaken me during this season of my life. The fresh and bold ways that she pours out her heart to share her story are both enriching and loving.


Elisabeth is a pathfinder for authentic marriage.


With Elisabeth’s help and the help of a trusted counselor…my marriage is being restored and it will be better than ever. God is at work in me, through Elisabeth and other faithful people. If Elisabeth had not gone through what she did and written what she had…and if she were not still going through it…who would save so many women and marriages?


Elisabeth’s work has helped me by allowing me to realize I do not walk alone, and though we all have individual stories to share we all have one common theme: we are growing closer to God in our spiritual journeys and in the process of healing, liberating our own beings. Elisabeth is a positive mentor to all women.


Thank you for being you and for being Jesus to me.

DivorceMentor Mentee

Elisabeth’s work has helped me by letting me know I am not alone in feeling the hundreds of emotions I have while going through the separation and divorce process. Her Facebook groups have also opened up a whole world of support for those of us walking through this difficult journey. 


Elisabeth’s work is so close to my heart, she could be writing my story instead of her own. Through her book “Unraveling” and her daily blog posts, she works tirelessly to share with women, who have struggled in their marriage or been through a divorce, that they are worthy, valuable and so deeply loved by God. She has been placed in this exact position at this exact time to minister to hurting women, to bring glory to God and to let me know that there is a sisterhood of women who will continue to stand for truth and support each other through the hurt.


Elisabeth’s work has profoundly affected my life at a difficult time post-divorce.

I’ve learned about forgiveness, grace, and how to follow God through the storm. I cannot begin to tell you how deeply her ministry has touched my life,


No one can completely understand all of the thoughts and emotions a woman can experience when she is faced with separation and divorce, either by her own decision, or because her husband chose it for her, UNLESS she has gone through it herself. Elisabeth has opened up her soul and expressed for us what we did not dare express. The end of a Christian marriage has its own sorrow that those in ‘the world’ cannot understand. We are accountable to the Lord and lover of our soul and therefore our thoughts, our actions, and our emotions feel of greater consequence. Being able to safely express myself on Elisabeth’s private Facebook group has been a tool the Lord has used to bring me healing and the ‘peace that passes all understanding’. Thank you, brave Elisabeth.


I stumbled across Elisabeth’s book “Unraveling” on the Divorce Care website. I downloaded the sample and was immediately touched. She used phrases and thoughts that I had been thinking word for word. It was such a blessing to hear someone else going through the exact feelings. Her kindness and compassion for those of us that are hurting is like a soothing balm for my aching soul. I thank God for bringing Elisabeth into my life during this painful time.


I have drawn so much strength from her writing and from the community as a whole. While they may be just snippets of a Facebook post or a 60-second video blog, you feel as though you are finally with someone who gets it – someone who can hold your hand and say, I’ve been there, I’ve felt that and I made it to the other side – you’ll get there too and I’ll be right here with you on the journey.


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