Marriage Support Group Coaching DO NOT USE

If you are in a difficult marriage, there are a thousand things that make your life painful and confusing.

It’s my core relationship!
And I’m a woman, I am created for relationships that are life-giving and authentic and intimate!
And it’s exhausting!
And it’s all I think about!

And what about my kids??
And will it always be like this, be this hard?
And will I be sad forever?

But here’s the part that was always, always the hardest for me:

the isolation

I had wonderful girlfriends through my difficult marriage years. But not one of them were in difficult marriages. Sure, they’d listen. And encourage. And pray.

But they didn’t know. They couldn’t possibly know or truly understand.

So, the deepest parts of my heart, the deepest pain, the deepest questions…well, those I kept to myself.

And they say that it’s our best thinking – meaning our monkey mind, our obsessive thoughts, our over-analyzing – that tends to gets us further into our messes, not working our way out of them.

So, if you are in deep need of companionship, of empathy, of understanding…if you are longing for someone to share your heart and pain with…if you are looking for some answers…

And if this sounds like something you would benefit from:

*coaching, from a woman who walked the hard, hard road of a difficult marriage for almost twenty years
*peer support, with women who are in the trenches right now
*Biblical wisdom and solid practical suggestions

…well then…I’m creating a private Facebook group coaching community for women in difficult marriages.