Move from Heartbreak to Healing & Hope Post-Divorce
leaving behind emotional overwhelm, steering clear of the bitter ex-wife trap, & learning your lessons to avoid repeating any patterns

If you’re a separated or divorced woman looking to not simply get through your divorce but to heal and even begin to hope again, then you probably already know that you won’t just magically wake up one day healed on your own.

And you probably already know that you can’t just get a divorce and jump back into the dating scene and think the grass will automatically be greener with some new guy down the road somehow.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen a friend or family member go through a divorce, and you watched them crash and burn, something you promised yourself you’d never do if you were ever in their situation.

And so I bet you already know that some intentional God-discovery and honest self-recovery work is needed to move yourself from heartbroken to healing.


Even if you’re trying to walk through all this with God, you want to experience even more of God’s peace and presence and healing.

You want to enjoy your life again.
You want to wake up with hope.
You want more good days than bad.

You want to rediscover who you are now.
And you want to dream about who you might be able to become.

You want to mother your children out of joy and not fear or sadness.
You want to not hate your ex-husband. (You do not want to end up the stereotypical bitter ex-wife.)
You want to learn what you can from your past and make sure you do not repeat any mistakes.

Even though the reasons to pursue healing and the motivation to pursue your healing are clear, the path to actually doing so is anything but.

Read a book or two, you might have been told. (Even mine!)
See a counselor.
Go to Divorce Care.

You may have done one of these are all of these (I know I did!), or you maybe have done nothing yet.

Either way, you still feel stuck.

The books were good, but you can only read them so many times. Plus, you want to ask questions.

Your counselor was a great gal but she hasn’t been through a divorce. Her advice felt flat and even intangible…You’ll feel better soon. Everything will be okay… Thanks?

Divorce Care was hard to get to because of your kids’ schedules and you missed a few sessions, or it was too sad to be in the same room with other people who are just as sad – or more so – than you are. Plus, there might have been men there, and that was maybe a bit too weird right now.

Or, you’re winging it, just assuming that, you know, time heals all wounds. (Newsflash: time alone absolutely does not heal all wounds.)

Here’s why you’re feeling stuck:

Without a clear roadmap to navigate through all the emotions, confusion and unknowns, there is no way for you to know how to move yourself from what you’re feeling today to what you want to feel in the near future.

We don’t know what we don’t know. And if you’ve never been through a divorce, all you have is the random friend or TV show telling you what you need to do. They can make it look so easy. So-and-so is already remarried?? What??

Here’s why following culture’s take on getting over a divorce could be irreversibly crippling to you:

As a busy woman, now maybe a single mom, probably holding down a job or having to get one after being a stay-at-home mom for awhile, you cannot afford to just dabble in your healing, hoping it all comes together.

Your future and your children’s futures are literally at stake.

Therefore, following a plan to heal thoroughly from your divorce is one of the highest priorities you should have right now, before it’s too late, before life-changing choices (or, God forbid, mistakes) are made.

Here’s the really great news:

Every day is a fresh start and God plays the ball where it lies.

Even if you’ve already made some not-so-great choices out of your loneliness, we can start over and set you on a better path. It’s not too late.

It’s never too late to start over.


In Heartbreak to Hope Coaching, you will receive weekly readings, weekly webcast teachings, weekly reflection questions, plus lifetime access to a private Facebook group community with peer support and weekly Q&A webcasts.
your cost: $450 (or 3 payments of $150) – sign up here

You can also add three monthly coaching calls!

The 3 Reasons Women Remain Stuck, Become Bitter or Remarry Poorly

Reason #1: I Don’t Need to Do Anything to Heal from My Divorce OR I Can Do Just a Little Bit to Heal from My Divorce

Healing will not just happen on its own. Again, time itself does not make everything automatically better.
Even if you’ve done something – read a book, tried counseling, went to a divorce recovery group – odds are, it wasn’t deep enough. Perhaps your heart is just more broken, you were so invested in your marriage, or the divorce came out of nowhere and blindsided you.

Reason #2: I Have Every Right to Be Angry – My Ex is a Jerk or He Cheated or He Up & Left Me or…

If this is your story, I am so deeply sorry. And yes, OF COURSE, it’s okay to be angry. I’d be concerned if you weren’t! Anger is a completely normal reaction to being hurt in such a personal way.

But perhaps you’re feeding your anger as opposed to digging deeper. Anger is a presenting emotion that is typically masking fear or sadness. When we stay in the place of anger, it can turn into bitterness without our even noticing. But when we do a deep dive and dissect our anger and what’s underneath, we can turn a corner in our healing.

Reason #3: I’m Lonely OR I’ll Show Him OR Hair of the Dog, Amirite??

You may think that what you need to assuage your loneliness or the perfect way to hurt your ex-husband right back or the best method to getting over your marriage is to…say it with me…meet someone new. Lord, help us all. NO. For the love of all that is good and pure in this world, though these culturally seem like natural nudges to begin dating, they are actually red flags that you are nowhere near ready and you need to delete the dating apps and run for the hills, for just a while.

Picture this with me…you don’t do the work it takes to heal…you’re sad…you’re feeling super insecure…some random guy asks you out…you fall head over heels for all his charm. Before you know it, he’s meeting your kids, you’re engaged and planning a wedding. You’re now remarried and wait, what? He’s just like you’re first husband?? How did you not see that?? Does that sound ridiculous? I’m here to tell you that I see it all the live long day. This happens all the time. (Who you would choose in your state of neediness is a completely different man from who you would choose from a place of steadiness.)

Girl, let’s steer you clear of that life-altering path.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

Even though divorce recovery is a massive industry, it’s not always an easily accessible one or thorough-enough process.

One book will only take you so far.
Your insurance doesn’t cover counseling and who can afford to spend thousands of dollars over a year or two?
Divorce Care doesn’t work with your schedule or there isn’t one local.

But what if the path were created with you in mind and paved just for you, to work with your schedule, to work in the comfort of your own home, to work within your budget?

The key ingredient to all of this is a course created by a woman who has been there and who knows how to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

And with your permission, that’s the journey I’d LOVE to take you on.

Heartbreak to Hope:
Your Complete Guide to Divorce Healing

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from living in a difficult marriage with abuse and addiction for almost two decades, navigating my own divorce journey, four-year foray into single motherhood, venturing back into the dating world and a remarriage, along with my Psychology degree, my decade of working in women’s and small group ministry, and seven years of coaching hundreds of women through their marriage and divorce struggles, to create a thorough roadmap from your current place of suffering to your desired place of peace and hope.

Heartbreak to Hope is the only program of its kind that challenges the myths that…

If you want to become both a stronger and softer version of yourself on the other side, it will take intention, and Heartbreak to Hope sets you clearly on the thorough path.

It might be okay in the movies, even funny sometimes. But it’s not okay in real life, especially as a woman who longs to love and follow God. We are better than a cliché. Plus, our kids are watching us, learning how to grow through a crisis and seeing how to manage relationships with difficult people.

…so all you need to do is find yourself a new man and happily ever after awaits you. Umm, no. No, no, no. In Heartbreak to Hope you will learn that it’s not about a new man, it is about who you are and your relationship with God, first and foremost. Only then can the idea of a new man even be entertained, for your sake, for his sake and for your children’s sakes.

The end result: A confident, healed, hopeful woman ready to move forward.

So, if you’re ready to finally do the hard work of divorce recovery while avoiding all the potential pitfalls, here’s how we’ll get you there:

Module 1: Looking Back

We begin this process considering where we’ve come from relationally and what led us to where we are today. It’s foundational that we spend at least a little time looking back, searching for patterns in how we relate, especially with men. Our pasts have formed us, but do not define who we are or where we’re going.

Lesson: Your Childhood & All Other Men
Webcast: Our Past Does Not Define Us

Module 2: Looking at Your Present

We continue the process of defining relational / emotional / physical / spiritual reality, as we can only truly move forward when we’re honest with how things actually are right now. We prepare our hearts and minds to dig deep, first by tackling all the questions of why that we’re struggling with, sifting through distorted perceptions of hope, assessing how our life is truly going, as well as learning tangible tools to manage our stress and how to actually be okay with letting go of what we can’t change.

Lesson 1: All the Why’s
Webcast: We Have a Big Hope

Lesson 2: Defining & Accepting My Reality
Webcast: Owning Our Part

Lesson 3: Stress
Webcast: Surrendering the Unchangeables

Lesson 4: Self-Care
Webcast: Balancing Self-Care with Caring for Others & Self-Care vs Self-Destruction

Module 3: Looking In

We do a deep dive into the myriad of emotions that can leave a woman paralyzed or send her spiraling into poor choices. These are the emotions that scare us the most, that we tend to push down or pretend we’re not experiencing – loneliness, rejection, shame, anger. We will look them dead in the eye and name them to help remove their power of us. We can feel all of these things, but we’ll learn how to best work through them.

Lesson 1: Loneliness
Webcast: Jesus Is Not My Boyfriend

Lesson 2: Rejection & Abandonment
Webcast: We Are Already Completely Loved

Lesson 3: Failure & Shame
Webcast: Only One Opinion Matters

Lesson 4: Anger
Webcast: Stuffed Anger Will Turn Into Bitterness

Module 4: Looking Around & Ahead

We redefine old relationships and we begin creating newness.  We need to establish new ways of relating with our now former partner, which starts with the deep work of forgiveness. We’ll move into co-parenting which can be so tricky, as well as how to find new support as a single person in a couples’ culture, and we’ll actually allow ourselves to dream about our future, maybe for the first time in a very long time.

Lesson 1: Forgiveness
Webcast: Healing from the 3 A’s: Abuse, Addiction & Adultery

Lesson 2: Boundaries
Webcast: Children & Co-Parenting

Lesson 3: Finding Friendship & Support as a Single
Webcast: Who Needs You?

Lesson 4: Your Dreams & Goals
Webcast: To Stay Single or to Try Again? & You Have a Gift

Take the Heartbreak to Hope Challenge

I believe in Heartbreak to Hope. With my whole heart. I have poured not just countless hours and days and weeks creating this roadmap but, technically, years and years becoming just the right woman to walk you through this process.

And I have worked with hundreds of women – who were once in your divorced, heartbroken, hopeless, confused shoes – both in group coaching and one-on-one scenarios, over the past seven years and here are what just a few of them had to say:

I’m not stuck in my pain or bitterness any longer, all because Elisabeth showed me there is a different and much better way to live.

Elisabeth’s work has helped me by showing me how the two seemingly divergent paths of walking through a divorce and walking in holiness do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Elisabeth’s work has helped me by letting me know I am not alone in feeling the hundreds of emotions I have while going through the separation and divorce process.

I know that it can be a risk to invest both your time and money into something intangible like your healing.

Let me assure you again: you will not just begin to feel better, but you will truly be saving yourself and your children potential heartbreak down the road by doing this the right way, the thorough way, the proven way.

And because I believe so deeply in this process, I am offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

I want you to put Heartbreak to Hope to the test.  In the first fourteen days of the course, you will have access to two lessons, two journaling exercises, and two webcasts. You’ll have had the opportunity to do some soul-searching regarding your past relationships, any un-tended men wounds, sitting with the answers (or lack of answers) to your why questions, shifting your perspective on true hope, and defining your current reality BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to keep going, simply email me at, show me you’ve done the work, and I’ll refund your investment.

Questions my top clients asked before enrolling

Q1: What if my husband comes back? That’s what I’m praying and hoping for!

A1: Sweet girl, you keep praying if that’s what you feel led to do. Here’s why I would still take this course if I were you…because the work you do in Heartbreak to Hope wouldn’t just benefit the divorced/starting-over woman but you will be doing so much emotional and relational work, that if you and your ex-husband do end up reconciling, you will be both stronger and softer and your relationship will benefit from it in deep ways.

Q2: I’m going to DivorceCare / reading a bunch of books / going to counseling. Do I really need this too?

A2: That’s awesome! In fact, I did all of those things too! And they were great. But even with those things, my recovery was lacking in depth and breadth. So, I created a comprehensive course that I would have wanted, and I added the benefit of a confidential community with like-minded women who would understand and walk beside you.

Q3: The thought of ever dating again makes my stomach turn. I can never trust another man. Why should I bother with this?

A3: I hear you and I understand. I felt that too. And you know what, we don’t know your relational fate. You very well may end up choosing a life of abundant singlehood for your next season. And if that’s the case, I fully support your decision. Only you and God know what’s right for you.

With that said, the focus of Heartbreak to Hope is not to get you ready for the next man. The entire focus is to help you become the most healed, whole, holy and happy version of the woman God created you to be, man or no man.

But life is funny sometimes. And sometimes, when we least expect it, someone comes along. And you will have wished that you had taken the time to do the work.

Q4: I’m fine. I don’t need this kind of thing. I don’t have the time.

A4: I’m am really glad to hear that you’re feeling good. I would simply caution you that if you don’t work through your pain and try to learn from this situation, the pain will more than likely come out at another point in your life, in inappropriate ways, and it may lead you to making some mistakes that could have been avoided. You may regret not doing the emotional and spiritual work, but you will never regret doing it.
But listen, I get it. Your time is even more stretched than it was before. You have kids to raise, a job to keep going to or a job to find!, a house to run on your own, arguments with your estranged husband, and you’re losing sleep and pounds and your mind, and you know, you have about a thousand different emotions every day.

But what if putting your grieving and healing at the top of the list is just what you need right now, to help you with all of those other things?
What if it could help you handle your children, your ex-husband, your emotions and your wavering faith in better, more whole and productive ways?

Q5: You do understand that I’m broke (I can’t spend anything discretionary or I don’t have access to our accounts) right now, right?

I understand. I absolutely do. Trust me. I was also a stay-at-home mom and a single mom. I also had to be very discerning on what I spent my money on during my separation and divorce.

Investing in your emotional and spiritual healing may seem intangible and even like one of your lowest priorities right now, right?

But what if making this investment ended up saving you from making one of the absolute worst mistakes so many divorced women make: taking their brokenness right along with them into the dating scene and choosing and then marrying a man who is not good for you…adding another possibly hard marriage or even divorce to your future?

However, if you truly cannot spare the money but you know this is what you need right now, I want to issue a gentle challenge: ask your church, family or friends to sponsor you. Many of my clients have done and found such support. You might be surprised who wants to bless you with something like this.

Q6: What is the schedule for the course?

A6: All who enroll will receive an email with a written lesson and journaling exercises every Friday morning.

All will also receive a weekly webcast teaching.

All will also benefit from daily engagement and support in a private Facebook group community along with weekly Facebook Live Q&A webcasts where you can ask me anything.

All who enroll and stay connected will receive Our Worst Divorce Mistakes & How to Avoid Them one-hour webcast interview between my husband and me. (Let me tell you, it got real up in there!)

We will wrap up in thirteen weeks, with two break weeks interspersed to give you time to catch up and breathe a bit as we go.

Q7: Do you offer a refund if this isn’t for me after all?

A7: I am offering a 14-day money-back guarantee. I want you to put Heartbreak to Hope to the test.  In the first fourteen days of the course, you will have access to two lessons, two journaling exercises, and two webcasts. You’ll have had the opportunity to do some soul-searching regarding your past relationships, any un-tended men wounds, sitting with the answers to your why questions, shifting your perspective on true hope, and defining your current reality BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to keep going, simply email me at, show me you’ve done the work, and I’ll refund your investment.

Still Undecided?

Let me say this super clearly:

If your plan to get over your old man
is to find yourself a new man
as fast as you can,
I am not a fan.

Sorry for going all Dr. Seuss on you there.

(Also, if anyone promises you to help you find a new husband in however many days or Tinder dates or what-have-you, run!).

But if this is you, if your desire and plan is to get over your divorce by falling in love again, Heartbreak to Hope isn’t for you and I wish you well.

However, if you’re still with me, that means you:

are a woman who is separated or divorced
are tired of feeling sad, lonely, beating yourself up, stuck, numb, heartbroken
might be sick of being angry, confused, wanting revenge, still texting your ex, wanting to fix your pain in not so good ways
are desperate to not feel the way you’re feeling right now for the rest of your life
know deep down that ignoring your pain or denying your pain or numbing your pain or dating too soon are not the best ways to get through all of this…you believe there is a better way to healing and hope
want to leave no stone unturned so that you can avoid potential relational landmines if you decide to date again but most importantly so you can become all who God wants you to be

Did you catch yourself nodding your head? If even one of those reasons resonated with you, then Heartbreak to Hope is for you and I can’t wait to meet you inside the course and get started.

I am on your side. I want what’s best for you. I want God’s best for you, no matter what that looks like. If this course is it, let’s do this. And I will be here to support you through it.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Heartbreak to Hope: Your Complete Guide to Divorce Healing Group Coaching Experience – $1750 value
BONUS Our (my husband’s & my) Worst Divorce Mistakes webcast – $99 value

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $1849

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


In Heartbreak to Hope Coaching, you will receive weekly readings, weekly webcast teachings, weekly reflection questions, plus lifetime access to a private Facebook group community with peer support and weekly Q&A webcasts.
your cost: $450 (or 3 payments of $150) – sign up here

And you can add 3 30-minute coaching calls as well!

Life isn't always how we want it. When change seems elusive, and we're stuck in old routines, a gentle push or some self-reflection can make a difference. Let these questions be that nudge to get you moving.

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