boy meets girl ------- boy & girl marry ------- boy breaks girl's heart --- boy & girl divorce --- GIRL GETS OVER BOY

helping you survive and heal from your divorce with tangible tools & biblical support
your current reality:
you are depressed, anxious, confused, lonely, exhausted
you don’t know how you got here

your relationship with your estranged- or ex-spouse might be filled with:

you want more than anything:
to be closer to Jesus and feel his peace and help
to feel better, stronger, safer, happier, more whole
for your children (if you have children) to make it through this in the best way possible
to have hope to move forward

The way I see it, you have two choices.

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and just assume healing and wholeness will come to you magically.
Or you can choose to try something different, taking an intentional approach to your grieving and healing.

Are you ready? For some relief, some change, some hope, some peace, some tangible help and support, from a woman who’s walked your hard marriage road?

Then let’s do this, sweet girl. Because you are not crazy. You are not alone. And there is HOPE.

Elisabeth’s coaching has profoundly affected my life at a difficult time  through and  after my divorce. I’ve learned about forgiveness, grace, and how to follow God through the storm. I cannot begin to tell you how deeply her practical support has touched my life. -client

The Basics

*coaching, from a woman who walked the hard, hard road of a difficult marriage for almost twenty years then went through a difficult divorce and was a single mom for four years
*peer support, with women who are in the trenches right now
*Biblical wisdom and solid practical suggestions

$10 per month

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Next Level

you’ll receive:
weekly readings
weekly webcast teachings
weekly reflection questions
plus lifetime access to a private Facebook group with peer support and weekly Q&A group coaching webcasts

we will cover:

Module 1: Looking Back
We begin this process considering where we’ve come from relationally and what led us to where we are today. It’s foundational that we spend at least a little time looking back, searching for patterns in how we relate, especially with men. Our pasts have formed us, but do not define who we are or where we’re going.
Lesson: Your Childhood & All Other Men
Webcast: Our Past Does Not Define Us

Module 2: Looking at Your Present
We continue the process of defining relational / emotional / physical / spiritual reality, as we can only truly move forward when we’re honest with how things actually are right now. We prepare our hearts and minds to dig deep, first by tackling all the questions of why that we’re struggling with, sifting through distorted perceptions of hope, assessing how our life is truly going, as well as learning tangible tools to manage our stress and how to actually be okay with letting go of what we can’t change.

Lesson 1: All the Why’s
Webcast: We Have a Big Hope
Lesson 2: Defining & Accepting My Reality
Webcast: Owning Our Part
Lesson 3: Stress
Webcast: Surrendering the Unchangeables
Lesson 4: Self-Care
Webcast: Balancing Self-Care with Caring for Others & Self-Care vs Self-Destruction

Module 3: Looking In
We do a deep dive into the myriad of emotions that can leave a woman paralyzed or send her spiraling into poor choices. These are the emotions that scare us the most, that we tend to push down or pretend we’re not experiencing – loneliness, rejection, shame, anger. We will look them dead in the eye and name them to help remove their power of us. We can feel all of these things, but we’ll learn how to best work through them.

Lesson 1: Loneliness
Webcast: Jesus Is Not My Boyfriend
Lesson 2: Rejection & Abandonment
Webcast: We Are Already Completely Loved
Lesson 3: Failure & Shame
Webcast: Only One Opinion Matters
Lesson 4: Anger
Webcast: Stuffed Anger Will Turn Into Bitterness

Module 4: Looking Around & Ahead
We redefine old relationships and we begin creating newness.  We need to establish new ways of relating with our now former partner, which starts with the deep work of forgiveness. We’ll move into co-parenting which can be so tricky, as well as how to find new support as a single person in a couples’ culture, and we’ll actually allow ourselves to dream about our future, maybe for the first time in a very long time.

Lesson 1: Forgiveness
Webcast: Healing from the 3 A’s: Abuse, Addiction & Adultery
Lesson 2: Boundaries
Webcast: Children & Co-Parenting
Lesson 3: Finding Friendship & Support as a Single
Webcast: Who Needs You?
Lesson 4: Your Dreams & Goals
Webcast: To Stay Single or to Try Again? & You Have a Gift

$150 per month for three months of content + lifetime access to the Heartbreak to Hope Facebook group coaching community

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Most Popular

You will receive everything in The Basics + Next Level PLUS
one 30-minute 1-on-1 monthly coaching call

$215 per month for three months of content + lifetime access to the Heartbreak to Hope Facebook group coaching community + three 30-minute coaching calls

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