Difficult Marriage - Elisabeth Klein

boy meets girl ---------- boy & girl marry ------- boy breaks girl's heart -------------------------- (or they break each other's hearts) ------------ girl stays married but girl is sad & confused ---- GIRL TRIES SOMETHING NEW

helping you stop feeling sad & crazy in your hard marriage with tangible tools & biblical support
your current reality:
you feel sad, confused, lonely, exhausted, done
you’ve tried everything

your marriage might be filled with:

you want more than anything:
to be closer to Jesus and feel his peace and help
to feel better, stronger, safer, happier, more whole
a healthier marriage (or at the very least, a less painful marriage)

The way I see it, you have two choices.

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope for a miracle.
Or you can choose to try something different, finally.

Are you ready? For some relief, some change, some hope, some peace, some tangible help and support, from a woman who’s walked your hard marriage road?

Then let’s do this, sweet girl. Because you are not crazy. You are not alone. And there is HOPE.

When I stumbled onto Elisabeth’s coaching, I remember thinking ‘I’m not alone! Someone gets what I’m going through and is living to write about it!’ She has been a guide I could turn to for practical help  and support while God stitched my heart and restored my hope. -client

The Basics

*Facebook coaching group experience, from a woman who walked the hard, hard road of a difficult marriage for almost twenty years
*peer support, with women who are in the trenches right now
*Biblical wisdom and solid practical suggestions

$10 per month

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Next Level

You’ll receive:
weekly lessons
weekly journaling exercises
monthly webcast teachings
tools to help you think more clearly, act more maturely and feel so much better about yourself, despite your difficult and painful circumstances
three months of private Facebook group support and coaching, with weekly Q&A webcasts

Topics we’ll cover:
what is my role?
self care (physical/mental)
self care (emotional/relational)
self care (spiritual)
forgiveness vs trust
God defines me not my marriage
our identity
thriving vs surviving

$150 per month for three months of content + access to our Facebook group community

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Most Popular

You’ll receive everything in The Basics + Next Level PLUS
one 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call per month

$215 per month for three months of content + three 30-minute monthly calls + access to our Facebook group community

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P.S. If you feel your marriage is beyond repair and you’re trying to figure out whether to stay or go, Decision Time would be your absolute next best (and essential) step before doing anything drastic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me today!