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I’m Divorced. Now What??

The first few minutes, hours, and days will envelop you like a fog, whether you’re the leaver or the left.  Trust me.  I stood there before the bench and heard the judge ask my spouse, “Is your marriage irretrievably broken?” and I heard this response: “Yes.” And in...

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7 Days of Prayer for the Separated/Divorced

Though I don’t believe that prayer is like having a genie in a bottle grant you all your wishes, I do believe that prayer is mysterious and even magical in its own way. It connects us to Something bigger and outside ourselves, to Someone in control of all the things...

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What is it Really Like to be Coached?

I have had the privilege to work with over 100 women one-on-one over the past couple years.  And I thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of what the coaching process looks and feels like, from the perspective of one of my clients. It...

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I’ve Lost Myself (Again) Somewhere Along the Way

Listen, to be clear upfront, I am not one of those people who truly believe I am woman, hear me roar. But I do believe that God created me – just as he has created every other human – with thoughts and feelings and agency to live my life and speak up for what I...

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I’m Not My Biggest Fan Sometimes

{post originally written Winter 2018} Warning: Some of you are not going to like this post. I can almost hear the comments rolling in now. I am not trying to make anyone feel badly about who they are and I am not trying to start a comparison game. I am simply sharing...

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Freebies You’re Gonna Want!

This life that we're all living is hard, full stop. Global pandemic or not, in this world we WILL have trouble, we were promised. And I don't know about you - okay, I do know about you because I am you - it's exhausting and confusing and we all can use a little help...

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Emptying Your Nest

It starts the moment we hold our babies for the first time, no matter how that sweet child came into our lives. We know it’s coming, in the far reaches of our hearts and minds. That the entire point of parenting is supposedly to let our children go a bit more every...

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