Elisabeth Klein

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Why Every Struggle Comes Back to Relationships

I conducted recently and asked women to rank their needs in order of importance. The number one highest need among these women: spiritual, which basically means their relationship with God. The second highest need: emotional/mental, which pretty much means their...

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To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before

When I was a little girl, I really struggled with finding even one friend who was true blue. For one thing, we moved a lot. I was also pigeon-toed which apparently made me a prime candidate for bullying.  And, and this one is just weird, I would get myself into...

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Do You Know How to Live a Life?

One of my clients said to me: I know how to live. I know how to do laundry and make dinner and get myself to work. But I don’t know how to live a life. After our session, I texted her. I told her I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said and that I had written this...

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What are You Waiting for?

We are all waiting. We are globally anxious. We are socially distanced. We are sheltered in place. We are - in some very real ways - at a standstill. And everything feels...weird?...off?...scary?...unknown?...all of the above and more... I am in a hard and sad and...

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