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Advent: Are You Ready?

Advent. I love this word even though I was not raised in a tradition that observes it. A simple glance at the dictionary shows me why it resonates with me. n. a coming into place, view, or being; arrival A coming into. We head into the holiday season and into the...

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Getting through the Holidays

Are you in a hard marriage? Are you separated? Are you divorced? Are you a single mom? Are you dreading holiday gatherings? Are you dreading not having plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve? Are you dreading not being able to do...

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Gratitude Challenge

We all know deep down that we are more blessed than we acknowledge, so I'm laying down a challenge to you, my sweet readers. Some of you may be weary these days, not wanting another list of things to do, but some of you might be up for the task. So this year, I'm...

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Fall Blahs & Winter Blues

If you live in a region where there are four distinct seasons as I do, then you know what it feels like to look down the barrel of six months of grey, of cold, of rain, of snow, of blah. Some people are blessed with a love of all things Fall (daughter #1) and a...

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I help divorced women dealing with their lives blowing up to process, grieve, heal and move forward by guiding them to accept their situation, work through their emotions, take care of themselves, begin to dream again and much more, created from the heart of a woman...

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Life isn't always how we want it. When change seems elusive, and we're stuck in old routines, a gentle push or some self-reflection can make a difference. Let these questions be that nudge to get you moving.

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