Elisabeth Klein

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Share that Thing

I spoke at a retreat a ways back and though I touched on quite a few points in the two talks I gave, one of the topics I broached was one of my sin stories.  I think I have this thing with just telling complete strangers all the details of my life and then letting...

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Decision-Making 101

Every day we are faced with big and little decisions. Some are super easy and take zero thought. Some, however, take the wisdom of God because they are weighty and life-altering. When I’m up against something huge, I try one or all of these tips to make sure I’m...

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More Power Than We Know

I talk a lot about relational tools and emotional sanity and healing and hope. Knowing that a woman is hurting and that there is something she can do about it to make her circumstances steadier or her heart more peaceful by turning to God is what keeps me going day in...

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Are You Happy?

Two people in my life ask me this question: are you happy? One is my Husband. And when he asks this, he is asking in essence if I’m happy with our life together and if he makes me happy, the wanting-to-make-me-happy man that he is. The other is my Dad. And when he...

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The Committee in My Head

Towards the end of my difficult marriage, I had a committee. A literal committee of people were assembled and assigned (two counselors, a mediator, a mentor couple, a mentor woman, a campus pastor, and an elder couple) to come alongside us and try to keep us together....

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