Elisabeth Klein

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What Have I Done?

We have all made messes in our lives. Some small, some life-changing. And we have all said to ourselves from time to time, what have I done? Now, that sentence has its proper place. When asked with gentleness, and in tandem with the Holy Spirit, and not dwelled on for...

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How Can I Stop Being So Easily Hurt?

I’ve written a lot of words in my day, and I have unintentionally hurt many women with them, and it breaks my heart every single time. Someone recently posted something about me on social media in response to something I had written, and I was hurt, immediately. And...

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Who’s in Your Circle?

A while back I met a few people for tea.  On the way home, I was feeling..…odd.  Discontent.  Judged.  Invisible.  It was really weird.  I felt like I had been an unnecessary person at that table, 90% of the talking being done by the others, and when I was asked a...

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I Hate My Life

I don’t know anyone who would say their life is perfect, who has everything they’ve ever wanted relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, all at the same time. There is no perfect life. (Though, gosh, Instagram and Facebook might give us another...

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Share that Thing

I spoke at a retreat a ways back and though I touched on quite a few points in the two talks I gave, one of the topics I broached was one of my sin stories.  I think I have this thing with just telling complete strangers all the details of my life and then letting...

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Decision-Making 101

Every day we are faced with big and little decisions. Some are super easy and take zero thought. Some, however, take the wisdom of God because they are weighty and life-altering. When I’m up against something huge, I try one or all of these tips to make sure I’m...

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More Power Than We Know

I talk a lot about relational tools and emotional sanity and healing and hope. Knowing that a woman is hurting and that there is something she can do about it to make her circumstances steadier or her heart more peaceful by turning to God is what keeps me going day in...

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