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I’ve Lost Myself (Again) Somewhere Along the Way

Listen, to be clear upfront, I am not one of those people who truly believe I am woman, hear me roar. But I do believe that God created me – just as he has created every other human – with thoughts and feelings and agency to live my life and speak up for what I...

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I’m Not My Biggest Fan Sometimes

{post originally written Winter 2018} Warning: Some of you are not going to like this post. I can almost hear the comments rolling in now. I am not trying to make anyone feel badly about who they are and I am not trying to start a comparison game. I am simply sharing...

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Freebies You’re Gonna Want!

This life that we're all living is hard, full stop. Global pandemic or not, in this world we WILL have trouble, we were promised. And I don't know about you - okay, I do know about you because I am you - it's exhausting and confusing and we all can use a little help...

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Emptying Your Nest

It starts the moment we hold our babies for the first time, no matter how that sweet child came into our lives. We know it’s coming, in the far reaches of our hearts and minds. That the entire point of parenting is supposedly to let our children go a bit more every...

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How Do I Keep My Hope Alive?

When you think of the word hope, what comes to mind? For some of us, hope is a dirty word. That’s okay. We need to admit it and start where we are. Hope is such an interesting concept and one that I fear is misunderstood and too easily thrown around in churchy circles...

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my heart lately and how important it is and what it means to fight for it.  And I think Christians tend to fall into one of three camps when it comes to their heart: My heart is wicked, as evidenced by the often-quoted Jeremiah 17:9,...

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How Can I Support You?

The toll that COVID-19 has taken on our collective lives will not be fully known for a while. But I know that practically every area of my life: my relationship with God, my mental health, my finances, my purpose, my work, my relationship with my husband, my...

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Why Every Struggle Comes Back to Relationships

I conducted recently and asked women to rank their needs in order of importance. The number one highest need among these women: spiritual, which basically means their relationship with God. The second highest need: emotional/mental, which pretty much means their...

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