Elisabeth Klein

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Who’s in Your Circle?

A while back I met a few people for tea.  On the way home, I was feeling..…odd.  Discontent.  Judged.  Invisible.  It was really weird.  I felt like I had been an unnecessary person at that table, 90% of the talking being done by the others, and when I was asked a...

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Run Away

[originally written April 2014] I’ve been alluding lately to some things in my life that are leaving me uncertain and ever so slightly unsettled.  But I started noticing something bubbling up in me and it was disconcerting for the following reasons: I was healthy....

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Can God Do Marriage Miracles?

Question: “Can God do a supernatural work despite the lack of steps being followed?” Yes. And, well, that makes it harder, but still, yes. Let’s get one thing clear. God can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants. He doesn’t need our approval, our...

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