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Detaching with Love

Books have been written about detaching with love. I cannot possibly begin to cover it in one teeny tiny blog post, and yet, it’s an important enough topic that I thought I'd give it a shot. Detaching with love is the goal in any dysfunctional relationship. (Actually,...

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Reframing Failure

I ran for class vice president four years in a row in high school. I never once won. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is one definition of insanity. So, was I insane to gather those signatures and make those posters and put my precious...

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Hope for the Hopeless

A few years ago, I found out that a former member of one of my private Facebook groups - who left because she wasn’t feeling as supported as she felt she needed - took her life, leaving behind two children, family, friends. I’m not sure what to do with that. I am...

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Toxic People

tox·ic /ˈtäksik/ poisonous, venomous, dangerous, destructive, harmful, unsafe, injurious tox·ic person someone who is poisonous, venomous, dangerous, destructive, harmful, unsafe, injurious I think that when we think of a toxic person, we tend to think of someone who...

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How Do I Keep My Hope Alive?

When you think of the word hope, what comes to mind? For some of us, hope is a dirty word. That’s okay. We need to admit it and start where we are. Hope is such an interesting concept and one that I fear is misunderstood and too easily thrown around in churchy circles...

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3 Practical Ways to Handle Worry

How much of our time and energy do we as women lose to worrying and anxiety? We’ve got huge things on our minds like how is our marriage really doing, am I a good enough mom, will my kids turn out okay, what if it’s cancer, should I change jobs, should I move, will I...

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Is It Time to Get Help?

When I was in seventh grade, I was imagining things.  I was imagining that my mom was unsafe when I was at school, so I would pretend to be sick to stay home and take care of her.  And when I was home alone, I would imagine that someone else was in our apartment with...

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I’m Scared to Get Married Again

{originally written in March of 2015, two months before I remarried} Let me say this upfront: I like Tall-Shadow. I love Tall-Shadow. I’m in love with Tall-Shadow.  And I believe to my core that he likes, loves and is in love with me right back. I mean, c’mon… Let me...

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