Elisabeth Klein

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In just a few days, my son will walk to the front door with his final box under his arm. He may ask if I want the house key back, I’ll tell him to keep it. He’ll stand there for a moment, because he will know that I will require one more hug. One last hug. Not the...

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I’m Divorced. Now What??

The first few minutes, hours, and days will envelop you like a fog, whether you’re the leaver or the left.  Trust me.  I stood there before the bench and heard the judge ask my spouse, “Is your marriage irretrievably broken?” and I heard this response: “Yes.” And in...

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7 Days of Prayer for the Separated/Divorced

Though I don’t believe that prayer is like having a genie in a bottle grant you all your wishes, I do believe that prayer is mysterious and even magical in its own way. It connects us to Something bigger and outside ourselves, to Someone in control of all the things...

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What is it Really Like to be Coached?

I have had the privilege to work with over 100 women one-on-one over the past couple years.  And I thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of what the coaching process looks and feels like, from the perspective of one of my clients. It...

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