I’ve caught myself saying things like this over the past month: I desperately need Christmas this year, and I’m holding out for the miracle, and I need the arrival.

But what does that even mean? How can I be waiting on something – or Someone – who already came? How can I talk about waiting on Someone who isn’t, more than likely, going to magically appear on Christmas morning in my living room? What in the world am I waiting for, really?

I think what the Christmas season is for me – and what it’s been magnified to over the course of a lifetime’s of harsh life circumstances – is this: it’s a month packed full of reminders and promises.

Reminders and promises that Christ did indeed come at one time in history.
Reminders and promises that He has yet to be eclipsed as the most important Person to ever be born.
Reminders and promises that people before me waited entire lifetimes with expectation for his arrival and never caught a glimpse of Him but waited nonetheless.
Reminders and promises that He comes, truly, again and again and again in my daily life if I’m willing to look for Him with spiritual eyes.
Reminders and promises that He will indeed come again.

I am holding out for a miracle this year maybe more so now because I need one more than ever but it’s not something that will wondrously, strangely take place on Christmas morning. That morning will simply be a culmination of reminders…where I remember that the sweet little baby in the Christmas story didn’t stay that way…where I remember that He grew up to seek and save the lost, to serve and not to be served, to give his life as a ransom for many, to bring healing and hope to the weary and the hopeless – all of whom are me.

I am waiting. I am remembering. I am grateful. I am hopeful. Good is coming. Light is breaking through. God is on the move. And He will show up.

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