This is the perfect time to press pause and reflect on how this (crazy) year has been on your heart, mind and body, sweet girl.

Set aside about thirty to sixty minutes, if you’re able.
Light a candle.
Pour a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate.
Get out your journal.
Play some quiet music.

Ask the Spirit to quiet your heart and mind and to speak. Then, gently ask these questions of yourself and honestly answer them, for your eyes only.

How is my heart toward God these days?

What were my most significant family moments?

What was the biggest contributor to my personal growth?

What caused my greatest sadness?

What was my greatest joy?

How do I want to be remembered? (What’s the ending I want to write for my life?)

Who do I love? Who do I want to love better?


If these spurred your heart and emotions and you’d like to go even deeper, you are invited to kick off this year with my e-course, Fresh Starts!

In this course, we’re going to:
take a look back
honestly assess our current reality
peer into our future year
set ourselves up for a more whole year with some thoughts & tips on self-care

and (if you’re up for it) we’re going to create our own manifesto

We will walk through five readings and five journaling exercises, sent via email every Tuesday & Saturday for two weeks.
We will have webcasts to coincide with the assignments, where I’ll answer your specific questions and encourage your specific hearts.
We will each create a manifesto to propel us through the new year.

All this jump-starting for only $59. (This is the lowest I’ve ever priced this course!)  We will begin on Tuesday, January 4.

You can register for Fresh Starts HERE.