Oh sweet one, it’s finally here.  He is finally here. We may have trudged through this holiday season, limping emotionally, dragging baggage and pain and fear and unknowns.

We may have put up the tree, we may have written the family letter, we may have bought everyone and their uncle presents.

Or, we maybe have not. Maybe we did Christmas differently this year. Either out of necessity because of our worldwide crisis or perhaps a personal crisis came roaring into our lives or maybe out of weariness because we just couldn’t add another thing to our plates (or to our mental load). Or perhaps out of choice, because we realized that moving a bit more slowly and not taking all those extra tasks on was what our hearts needed this holiday.

But we are here. This is the day when we sit with the realization that God came for us. Came to be with us. Came to win our hearts. Came to show us that we matter. Came to prove that he knows who we are. Came to crash through our pain and fear. Came to bend down even closer to us in our broken-hearted state.

He came for us.
He came for you.

In your anger.
He came for you.

In your sin.
He came for you.

In your disappointment.
He came for you.

In your fear.
He came for you.

In your pain.
He came for you.

To bring you healing.
To make you well.
To make you whole.
To comfort you.
To set you free.

To be with you.

, God with us.  He is here. In the midst. He has arrived.

…when all is said and done, the last word is Immanuel—GodWithUs. –Isaiah 8:9

God, I am so very glad you came. Thank you for coming for me, to be with me, to walk me through my pain, to heal me. I need you. I receive you. I love you. Amen.



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