Looking Back - Elisabeth Klein

This is the perfect time to press pause and reflect on how this (crazy) year has been on your heart, mind and body, sweet girl.

Set aside about thirty to sixty minutes, if you’re able.
Light a candle.
Pour a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate.
Get out your journal.
Play some quiet music.

Ask the Spirit to quiet your heart and mind and to speak. Then, gently ask these questions of yourself and honestly answer them, for your eyes only.

So this is my New Year’s gift to you (again). Enjoy.

How is my heart toward God these days?

Who were the most stimulating people in my life (and why) this past year?

What was my most meaningful spiritual experience?

What were my most significant family moments?

What was the biggest contributor to my personal growth?

What was the biggest blunder I committed?

What caused my greatest sadness?

What was my greatest joy?

What’s going well? (Really…what can I celebrate?)

What am I trying to ignore?

How is my life working for me?

What’s boring me? (”Comfort is boredom with good PR.”)

How do I want to be remembered? (What’s the ending I want to write for my life?)

Who do I love?

Take some time with a journal, and a lit candle, and as much quiet and solitude as you can scrape together, and think and pray through these questions. You will be better for it.

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