I conducted recently and asked women to rank their needs in order of importance.

The number one highest need among these women: spiritual, which basically means their relationship with God.
The second highest need: emotional/mental, which pretty much means their relationship with themselves.
And the third highest need: marital/friendship, which obviously means their relationships with others.

Do you agree with these rankings? Is this how you’d rank your needs? (It’s how I’d rank mine!)

Women are relational to our core. When something is off with God, when something is off within ourselves, or when something is off with even one person in our world…everything feels off, wouldn’t you agree? I know that’s how I feel for sure.

When I asked these women what some of their current struggles are, here’s what they shared.

Figuring out God’s will for my life.
Just being numb.
Biding my time left here on Earth.
Reinventing myself for the possibility of a new job.
Not losing my cool daily.
What to do with myself now that my mother has died.
Feeling so stuck.
Letting go of my son who will be moving out in the near future.

I can’t keep distracting myself from dealing with my past.
True focus on the Lord.

Any of these resonate with you?? They did with me.

And if you think about it, the common thread: our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with those God has placed in our lives.

Think about your current biggest struggle. Even if it isn’t directly about another person, say, it’s your health…that’s your relationship with yourself. Or it’s worrying about your finances or work…that has a ton to do with how you see God and your relationship with Him.

It all comes back to relationships…with God, with ourselves, and with others.

You can listen to me share my current three struggles here, and surprise surprise, they all fall under the umbrella of relationship with God, relationship with myself and relationships with others.

But could you imagine how much richer and sweeter your entire life would be
if you felt more connected with God?
if you felt like you were taking really good care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically?
if you felt like you were able to bring your truest and most loving self to each of the people in your life?

I think we all long to bring authenticity, depth and wholeness to who we were created to be, and to our relationships with God & all our people, so I have created Wholehearted.

Wholehearted is a brand-new group coaching experience for women longing for stronger, deeper relationships of all kinds.

My relationship with God is sweet, after walking with him for almost 35 years.
My relationship with myself is perhaps the healthiest it’s ever been, as I’m truly learning that to bring my best to others means to first take care of the entire person God has given me.
My relationship with my girlfriends is a gift, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.
And my relationships with my husband and children are my most important and easily my best training ground for all I need to work on.

That, along with twenty years of women’s ministry and ten years of working with women one-on-one have prepared me to support you in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before.

So I’m looking for just about fifty women to join me on a journey to wholeheartedness. Well, fifty total. I already have 12!

The foundation of Wholehearted will be a private Facebook group community, where you will receive daily encouragement, weekly webcast teaching and coaching with me, as well as peer support. For only $10 per month, you can begin to heal and strengthen all of your relationships.

If you are at a place in life where you want to take this a bit deeper, for only $25 per month, you can add weekly lessons & reflection exercises on a myriad of topics that will draw you closer to God and to becoming who God created you to be.

And if you in a season where your growth is of utmost importance to you, and you’re ready to dive in. for $60 per month, you can get all of the above along with a monthly 30-minute coaching call where we will get personal and get you moving forward.

Wholehearted Level I:
daily content
weekly webcasts
peer support
register here

Wholehearted Level II:
daily content
weekly webcasts
peer support
PLUS weekly lessons & reflection exercises (your choice of topic)
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Wholehearted Level III:
daily content
weekly webcasts
peer support
weekly lessons & reflection exercises (your choice of topic)
PLUS a monthly 30-minute coaching call
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Space is limited AND space is filling up!  Let’s become more WholeHearted together, girls!

xoxo Elisabeth

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