One of my clients said to me:

I know how to live.
I know how to do laundry and make dinner and get myself to work.
But I don’t know how to live a life.

After our session, I texted her.
I told her I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said
and that I had written this down in my notebook:

I don’t know how to live an {meaningful, authentic, non-reactionary, contented} life.

She texted back:
Yes. That’s exactly it.

What so many of us are really after is a life filled with meaning.
Pared down to the basics.
Not so caught up in things that distract.

We are living in a forced quietness right now. We are in a unique position to evaluate our pre-pandemic pace of life and to determine what changes we will make when we are no longer sheltering-in-place.

How will you choose to live differently when we move forward?

In Meaningful Life, a 2-month e-course, we will cover:
a slower pace
our true Hope

You will receive:
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