If you are a separated or divorced woman, this course will walk you through the journey of grieving, processing, asking, letting go, healing and preparing to move forward, created by a woman who has been there.

In Heartbreak to Hope, you will receive weekly readings, weekly webcast teachings, and weekly reflection questions.
your cost: $300 (usually way more and totally worth way, way more) – sign up here: https://elisabethklein.com/product/heartbreak-to-hope-2020/
(you may request three monthly payments of $100)

In Heartbreak to Hope Coaching, you will receive all of the above plus lifetime access to a private Facebook group with peer support and weekly Q&A group coaching webcasts.
your cost: $450 (usually way more and totally worth way, way more) – sign up here: https://elisabethklein.com/product/heartbreak-to-hope-coaching-2020
(you may request three monthly payments of $150)

For ALL the details like what each lesson will cover and so on, go here: www.elisabethklein.com/heartbreak-to-hope

While you’re thinking and praying if this is your next step, here are a handful of webcasts I did that will bring you some encouragement and give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be coached by moi.

3 Lies Divorced Women Carry:

How We Handle Our Pain Matters:

What You Want MORE of During Your Divorce:

On My Own: 5 Ways to Handle Loneliness:

Will You Be Alone Forever?

Why Divorced Women Stay Stuck, Become Bitter or Remarry Jerks – Reason 1:

Why Divorced Women Stay Stuck, Become Bitter or Remarry Jerks – Reason 2:

Why Divorced Women Stay Stuck, Become Bitter or Remarry Jerks – Reason 3:

Lies I Was Telling Myself About Me & Men:

Also, if you know someone going through a divorce, please pass this along.

Thank you and so much love, girls!
xoxo Elisabeth

P.S. Here are what a few former Heartbreak to Hope participants thought about the course and how it helped them:

I loved your course.  Like seriously needed many of those truths to be made simpler for me to see how they connect to me and are crafted for my life betterment.  You have reminded me that my holiness doesn’t have to suffer in light of this unexpected outcome.  Thank you for showing me a higher road.  I very possibly may have become suicidal eventually from the lack of hope which surrounded and followed me pre-course.  I am so grateful that I am again excited about and anticipate my days and nights again.  -client

I have found the course helpful & encouraging. The journaling exercises helped me to process more “stuff” and just take the time to reflect on where I’m at and my journey. I have enjoyed and appreciated the Q&A sessions & webinars and been helped by your wisdom & experience Elisabeth. I also have appreciated your cheerful upbeat approach, mixed together with honesty & wisdom. Thank you, Elisabeth. -client

I truly feel healed from my broken marriage now. This course has helped me put things into perspective. It has helped me to accept my part in my failed marriage. Elisabeth helped me to see that even though I have my part, my husband ended our marriage. And I had to forgive him for that. That forgiveness exercise was tough but freeing! I think making the emotional and spiritual sides of my life a priority was the right choice. I know I am empowered to live the life that was meant for me. Praise the Lord! And thank you, Elisabeth. -client


Life isn't always how we want it. When change seems elusive, and we're stuck in old routines, a gentle push or some self-reflection can make a difference. Let these questions be that nudge to get you moving.

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