Okay, so I’m no Oprah but I do have a current list of favorite things that I want to pass along to you. FYI, they’re pretty random but they’re awesome!

Okay, if you know me at all, you know that I have started my day with a smoothie (banana, kale, berries, yada yada yada) for about a dozen years now. However, this Summer, I kicked things up a notch. I now have two or three smoothies a day, and I’ve added these AMAZING YourSuper supplement powders.

When you place an order, and use this code: SUPER-ELISABETH15, you will get 15% off your order.

I love clothes. I love shopping. Rephrase. I love clothes. I love online shopping. I also love deals. thredUp is all of that. It’s the best online consignment shop I’ve found and when you place your first order, you’ll get $10 off.

ArtNaturals Anti-Aging-Set serums:
I start my day with the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic serums and end my day with the Retinol.

Before the Change: Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause
So, yeah, I’m in perimenopause. Being a girl is awesome. This book helped me accept my reality and start doing something about it, working with it instead of feeling defeated by it. It’s filled with great information and tips, and my hot flashes are gone.

Loving Him Well: Practical Advice on Influencing Your Husband
I think I’ve read pretty much every Gary Thomas book on marriage. He’s practical but he’s also super real. He doesn’t mince words and he doesn’t pretend that all Christian marriages are amazing. I loved this book and highlighted the crud out of it.

Doing Life with Your Adult Children: Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out
Okay, so my kids are almost gone…my daughter is now married and my son is a college senior. I’m a mess. I’ve been overprotective and controlling as long as I can remember and learning to let them go has been one of the hardest things of my life. This book encouraged me, made me feel not so crazy and not so alone, and gave me super tangible ways to relate to my kiddos. I mean, my young adult children. Whatever, baby steps.

This collection of songs is filled with truth, comfort and encouragement by one of the purest voices I’ve ever heard, Christa Wells.

Okay, so my books aren’t my current favorite things, per se, but they’re my current favorite giveaway! Enjoy!


This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend products I actually use and love.

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