You were married. But for whatever reason, you aren’t anymore…

And that was a nightmare to walk through, no matter the circumstances.

But time has gone by. (LOTS AND LOTS of time, I hope!)

And you are ready to move forward with your next step.

Whether it’s trying dating again for the first time, or preparing for remarriage or adjusting to your remarriage, I’ve got you so covered.

Looking for Mr. Right

So you’re thinking you just might be ready to dip your toe back into the dating pool.


Dating post-divorce is WEIRD and CONFUSING and FUN all at the same time. (Did I mention weird?!?)

It can be fraught with crazy feelings and questions, with triggers and fears, and with some sweet, sweet moments.

But how do you know what you’re even looking for?
And how do you find a man once you know what you’re looking for?
And how do you protect your heart AND open your heart all at the same time?

And… and… and…

Oh, girl, I’ve got you covered! (Because trust me…dating these days ain’t what it used to be! But I have been there and made it to the other side!)

In Looking for Mr. Right, my five-week e-course, we will cover the following:

It’s Not About a Man
Future Man
Past Relationship Triggers & Fears
Am I Ready to Date?
There are Good Men Out There

You will receive:
five readings
five journaling exercises
five webcast teachings
one coaching email with Elisabeth
BRAND NEW webcast featuring my husband, Our Worst Divorce & Dating Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Value: $540
Your cost: ONLY $199

Register for Looking for Mr. Right today.

Remarriage Ready

You’ve met someone. You’ve been dating awhile. And it’s serious…or you’re even engaged. (Congratulations!)

But gosh, there’s so much to think about! In Remarriage Ready, we’ll cover:

Triggers from past relationships
Sexual temptation
Preparing for remarriage

And you’ll receive:
four readings
four journaling exercises
one email coaching session with Elisabeth

Value: $160
Your Cost: ONLY $89

Register for Remarriage Ready today.

Remarriage Ref

Welp, you waited and you dated and you remarried. And it just might be a bit more challenging than you anticipated.

It’s okay…that’s normal! In Remarriage Ref, we’ll cover:

Previous marriage baggage
The exes
Step- & co-parenting
Building into your new marriage

Each course will consist of:
four readings
four journaling exercises
one email coaching session with Elisabeth

Value: $160
Your Cost: ONLY $89

Register for Remarriage Ref today.

*All courses begin Saturday, July 6. 

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