Who hates resolutions? Me!
But who loves fresh starts? WE ALL DO!!!

If you love a good ol’ fashioned clean slate, let’s jumpstart our 2019 together!

On January 4, I am launching an intensive (but fun!) e-course that will take us through the month of January.

We’re going to take a look back, we’re going to honestly assess our current reality, and we’re going to peer into our future year. It’ll be renewing and hopeful!

You will receive three readings, three journaling exercises, three Facebook Live webcasts and access to a private Facebook group between January 4 – 31st.

Here’s what one gal said about Fresh Starts last year: “It was the jumpstart I needed. It provided me with enough introspection and growth that I was hungry for more. I really enjoyed the format of weekly video feedback. It felt personal, but I also gained a great deal from the response of others in the group and your suggestions to them. I view it as a launching pad to further healing. Thank you again!” -Terri

Course availability: I only hold this course in January. So it’s now or not again until 2020!

Space limit: I am limiting this group to the first twenty women to sign up.

Registration window: NOW through January 3, 2019.

Who wants to start their year fresh?? Join me!

*If you took Fresh Starts last year, you can absolutely take it again…because think how much you have grown and your life has changed in one year! You want different things now than you did then, I bet!

If you have already joined Deeper Journey, you will automatically be registered in Fresh Starts, along with five other e-courses between now and June!, so no need to sign up.

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