Like any business owner, it’s important that I check in periodically with how I’m doing, with what I’ve accomplished, with my stats, with the growth I’ve taken and the growth I’ve fostered in others.

So I’ve decided to (vulnerably) share what God has graciously allowed me to do so far in 2018.  This, my friends, is what I call redemption.

Started a new Facebook group, Hope & Healing: 1604 members and counting

   Elisabeth, thank you for creating a space where we can be both vulnerable and real too. -H&H member

Held Morning with Jesus retreat: 6 attenders

Created and held Fresh Starts e-course: 8 participants

   Thank you for the Fresh Starts series. It was the jumpstart I needed to critically evaluate my past, where I am
currently, and most importantly, where I want to be. -course participant

Created and held Beauty for Ashes e-course, twice: 20 participants

   Thank you for helping me start again instead of staying in the darkness. -course participant

Held Marriage Methods e-course: 6 participants

Held Divorce Rescue e-course: 16 participants

Created Boosts e-courses: 2 participants

Created and held Dating 101 & Remarriage Ready e-courses: 4 participants

Created and sold coaching calls: 9 callers

   I just wanted to encourage anyone on the fence about setting up a coaching call with Elisabeth to do it! I
have had 2 coaching calls now! I have been blessed by Elisabeth’s counsel for several years. I have often
reached out in moments of panic and uncertainty and confusion and she helps me get my feet back under
me and gives a perspective that helps me feel more grounded and centered. -client

Created and sold coaching emails: 10 emailers

   Elisabeth answered me within minutes and we had an emergency coaching call. I have done a couple more
coaching emails with her after that, looking for feedback and making sure I am making smart decisions. It
really helps to have an outside perspective from a professional.

Mother’s Day package created and sold: 2

Created coaching questionnaire: 160 completed

Custom clients: 18 booked

   Each time I had a call with Elisabeth, it was like getting ointment for my wounded soul. Her encouragement
and godly wisdom strengthened me and uplifted me when I felt hopeless and alone and she always restored
my focus back on my God who sees it all and loves me unconditionally. -client

Created and held Who Am I? webcast retreat: 13 participants

   Elisabeth, thank you so much for holding this retreat and for being so open and transparent with your
struggles and difficulties and for how you were able to see the Lord’s great love and faithfulness through it
all. It was such a blessing being reminded of who we truly are in Him!
-retreat participant

Created and held free What Can We Do with Our Worry? webcast: 84 participants

   Thank you so much for your care & your wisdom. I truly feel God’s peace. So helpful as well as hopeful!
retreat participant

Completed certifications in Hope Coaching & Spiritual Formation Coaching.

Updated mission: coaching Christian women in transition to tangibly move forward in their relationships and faith by inspiring hope
Specializing in: difficult marriage, divorce, single parenting, dating, remarriage, step-parenting, empty nest, midlife, identity and faith issues

From my manifesto:
I have created something out of nothing, and that’s no small thing.
I am helping women become more whole and move closer to God.
I am using my gifts.
I’m a hustler. I’m an entrepreneur. I am creative.
This is my beauty from ashes. This is my “so that”.
I will be fearless in the execution of my calling.
I am the unconditionally beloved daughter of the Father God.

I am encouraged by how much has been accomplished but I am so aware how many more women I could be helping, and that’s what keeps me going. I ask for your prayer that I will continue on in wisdom and creativity, and that God will bring just the women he wants me to work with when the time is right.

I’d be honored if you’d consider joining the other precious women who are supporting me in my work.
Also, if you have a friend who would benefit from working with me or my resources, please pass along my name.

Taking a few moments to sit quietly and focus your heart and mind on Jesus is one of the best things you can do for yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Enjoy this free gift of guided meditations.

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