Sweet woman who has been married and is now divorced, my Summer course collection is for you.

Navigating a divorce is harrowing enough. But getting back out there??? That’s a whole different level, girls! I have found my way through all of it: a hard marriage, a hard separation, a hard divorce, hard/good single motherhood, hard/good adjusting to being on my own again, weird/good dating, weird/good engagement, weird/good remarriage and step- and co-parenting. I’ve lived it! And I can help you walk through it all too!

This Summer (June 15 – July 12), I will be holding three of my e-courses simultaneously.

Each course will consist of:
one secret Facebook group
four articles
four assignments
four webcasts (some featuring my husband because a man’s perspective is sorely needed during this adventurous season!)

Dating 101 is for the woman who is officially divorced and you are considering dating and/or have begun the process of looking and/or have gone on a few dates already.

How do I know if I’m ready to date?
What am I looking for in a man?
Where do I find a man?

Remarriage Ready is for the woman who has been divorced for at least one year (because I love y’all) and you are in a serious dating relationship and/or are engaged to be remarried.

Triggers from past relationships
Sexual temptation
Preparing for remarriage

Remarriage Ref is for the woman who is adjusting to remarriage.

Previous marriage baggage
The exes
Step- & co-parenting
Building into your new marriage

All articles + assignments will arrive on Friday mornings.
Webcasts will be held in the group on Mondays (Dating 101), Tuesdays (Remarriage Ready), Wednesdays (Remarriage Ref), based on the specific questions and issues of the participants.  All articles, assignments and webcasts can be worked on in your schedule.

Registration ends on Tuesday, June 12. Courses will begin on Friday, June 15.

Email me with any questions!

Dating 101
Remarriage Ready
Remarriage Ref

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