I set out to write a post to/about this pastor who has done such damage to women, to Christians, to the holiness of marriage, to clergy.

But then I realized I don’t think I have anything new to say that I haven’t already said. I have been ringing this bell for about six years now and I will keep ringing it.

But instead of coming up with a bunch of new words, I’m going to share some of my old words, words that have been read and reread and cried over, words that have spurred on email after email of women telling me, THANK YOU…THIS IS MY STORY.

If you are a woman who is abused in any way in her marriage, there is help and hope, I promise you.

You Can Be in an Abusive Marriage and Now Know It

I Think My Husband Abuses Me, Now What?

The Sweetest Man on Earth

Stop Praying for Your Husband

The Aftereffects of Emotional Abuse


More Than Just a Black Eye

Spiritual Abuse

And if you are a pastor, for the love of God, stop putting the sanctity of marriage above the wholeness of a person.

Why I’m Now Okay It’s Called Domestic Violence

Exposing the Secret of Difficult Marriage in the Church

Why Women Stay

Not All Marriages Are Created Equal

Church, Wake Up to Abuse

Shattering the Stereotype of the Abusive Marriage

Which is More Dangerous?

Church, We’ve GOT to Handle Emotional Abuse Better

I Think My Friend is Being Abused

One Pastor’s Take on Domestic Abuse

I’m just scratching the surface here, but I hope you prayerfully consider how you can serve the women in your churches who are hurting.

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