I’ve got a story to tell. It’s a story of God’s faithfulness and provision and sweetness and intimacy.

I have found myself at a bit of crossroads over the past month or two regarding my work. I had been (have been) contemplating laying it all aside to go out into the world and get a real job (because what I do isn’t a real job). (oh yes it freaking is.) Anyway.

I’ve spent the past month hustling like I’ve maybe never hustled before. I created and launched a new course, Fresh Starts, and took on a dozen MobileMentor clients, and did as much promotion work as I could think of in preparation to launch my three-month round of courses, MarriageMentor & DivorceMentor.

I’ve had to rely on God in new ways the past month or so and it’s been scary for me, I’ll be honest. But I told him that if he allowed me to get a certain number of clients for this round of courses, I would take that as his blessing for me to focus on this work that he has put in front of me – this work that is meaningful and fulfilling and uses my gifts and from what I’ve been told truly helps people – for the next three months at least.

I told him that I would praise him if I got zero clients or one client or ten clients or the number I was praying for.

I felt him ask me several times through the launch, “Do you trust Me?”  Not as in, do you trust that I will get you that certain number of clients, but do you trust that if I don’t, that you’ll be okay?

And I kept responding out loud, “Yes, I trust You.”

I kept praying and thanking through the discouragement and anxiety and hustling.

Two things happened.

One, my monthly support went up, thanks to a handful of sweet, sweet readers and followers who believe in my work and in me and what I’m trying to do for women who are hurting.

And two, last night, the last night of registration, at 10:37pm, my final client purchased her mentoring package…and it was THE EXACT NUMBER I HAD BEEN REACHING FOR AND PRAYING FOR!

This morning, I literally bounced out of bed and jumped up and down, in joy, in excitement over my work, in gratitude for a God who sees me and hears me and cares about me.

Now, this is not how things usually shake out for me. Yes, God has answered innumerable prayers for me over my almost thirty-two years of following him, but this…this was different, this was special, this was a bending down and reaching into my circumstances in the most precious of ways to affirm me and fill me with courage to keep going.

That is the God we serve and love, girls. He is faithful. He is good. He sees you and hears you.

Now, switching gears a bit.

I wish I could sit across from you right now because if I could, you would see tears in my eyes and you’d hear a catch in my throat. I have wanted to serve God since I met Christ at the age of 15. I have wanted to serve women since I became a mom at 26. And I have poured my heart and life into serving hurting women for the past six years. You, sweet reader, are my beauty from ashes.

But my ministry in its current state does not bring in enough of a sustainable income (though it’s for sure getting there!), unless something changes. I am in the painful place of contemplating laying it all aside, I have been grieving it, I have been praying hard. And so I am coming to you, with all the humility I can muster, to ask you to consider supporting my work.

If you read this blog, I am betting that you have benefited from at least one post, or perhaps a webcast or a private Facebook group or a book or a mentoring course. And now I am asking you to help me be able to continue to reach another and another and another woman out in the world who needs the kind of support that you have received. Supporting me isn’t just about supporting me; it is about helping another woman move forward in wholeness and healing with God, something that you know full well is priceless.

Here is what one sweet woman just wrote me this week: “Thank you for all you have done to help women have a voice. Talking through our pain and joys can be healing. Having other women pray for us is uplifting. Supporting others can lead us all to renewal. Thank you for always reminding us that we are loved by God.”

Now, in case you’re wondering what it is I actually do, how I spend my time, I’m happy to share that with you.

In the past seventeen years, I have written fourteen books and e-books.
I have spoken over 175 times to over 6500 women.
I have led a dozen retreats.
I create webcasts.
I moderate a Facebook group, Hope & Healing with Elisabeth Klein (and you are invited!)
I write weekly for this blog.
I have created seven mentoring courses, working with over 115 women in the past three years.
I respond to daily messages from women who are hurting and provide them with support and resources.
I engage in MobileMentor phone calls each week.
And I just completed my Hope Coaching certification.
I keep busy.
And I don’t feel done yet – doing what I love doing, what I’m good at doing, what I believe is my purpose, reaching as many women as I can with the help and hope of God.

Some of these things, I offer at no or minimal cost, because a good portion of my sweet target audience is struggling financially, and I never want a woman to be without a helpful resources because of money. So, I need you.

Through Patreon, you can join the other women who cheer me on each month and become a regular supporter (all $2, $10, $20 & $35 per month pledges come with fun rewards!). You can go HERE to become a patron.

Or, you can give towards my Pay It Forward Sponsorship Fund for a woman to be able to go through one of my mentoring courses who wouldn’t be able to afford to on her own. Go HERE to sponsor someone.

Thank you for allowing me to make this ask and thank you for years of reading and commenting and encouraging and praying! I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.


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