I know, I’m so not ready for Fall either! But I am excited to share with you some of the changes coming through my ministry!

I’ve been praying this Summer – as I do every Summer when I take a bit of a break – how I can better serve each one of you and I’m hoping these resources and tweaks will support you more deeply because my heart continues to beat for the woman in pain and on the road to healing and how I can come alongside each one of you.

So, here’s what I’ve got for you, my loves…

an experienced and trusted adviser

As you know, I have been through a hard marriage, separation, divorce, single parenting, dating, and now remarriage and step-parenting, and I’d love to help you move forward in your life and in your healing.

I will continue to hold my three e-courses – MarriageMentor, DivorceMentor & UnStuck – but all will be one-month long and all will be available to you year-round, whenever you want to jump in. In fact, you can jump in right now!

Level I will consist of FOUR weekly articles & assignments covering FOUR important topics that will help you dig deep and move forward, all selected after surveying my readers as the topics most needed to work on.

Level II will have the added bonus of one 30-minute phone call with me, plus a personalized follow-up email with suggestions for your situation.

Feeling a little bit stuck? In between counselors? Haven’t been able to find a mentor in your area? Need an outside perspective and some wisdom right now?

MobileMentor is one thirty-minute phone call with me plus a follow-up email filled with personalized suggestions for your next steps.

All the details and registration can be found here.

I am happy to announce that, thanks to Amazon, I’m able to now provide three of my e-books in PAPERBACK form! For those of you who don’t have a Kindle or Nook, or who don’t enjoy reading a PDF off your computer, laptop, iPad or phone, you can now purchase the following titles in paperback form:

Moving On as a Christian Single Mom
Dating After Divorce
You’re Going to Make It Through

All of these have been written for you, with all of my love and heart and encouragement I could fit on the page.

Once a month, my husband and I are going to spend some time answering YOUR questions (who doesn’t want a man’s perspective?!) Our next webcast is schedule for August 21, 6pm Central time and you can catch it here.

I have a new free PDF resource, Is Your Healing Halted? You can get that here.

The Friday Reader Features were a hit this Summer, so I’m going to continue to share YOUR stories on my blog, highlighting your journey with God and how he has grown you and healed you in and through your pain. I’ll also continue contributing on a regular basis. You can check out the archives here.

It is my heart’s desire to connect with you in person. So, I’m going to keep offering myself as a speaker for your women’s event as well as I’d be HONORED to be brought out to your area if you want to take on planning an ALL THINGS NEW Retreat for women in difficult marriages or those who are separated/divorced. (It’s easier to plan than you might think!) For more info, go here.

I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve got a collection of essays coming very soon called Second Time Around: Some Thoughts on Remarriage. Watch for details!

Let me wrap up by reminding you of some TRUTH:
You are not alone.
Whatever you’re feeling is normal.
You will not always feel the way you feel today.
God is good and faithful.
You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.

Gratefully yours,

Taking a few moments to sit quietly and focus your heart and mind on Jesus is one of the best things you can do for yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Enjoy this free gift of guided meditations.

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