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Happy July!taking a break

I can hardly believe that it’s July, sweet ones. Though I know life for you is more than likely difficult in some very painful ways – and I do truly get that – I also deeply hope that you are finding bursts of joy in the little moments and that you are able to spend more time with friends and family, and especially God.

I will be taking July and August off from weekly blog-posting but I wanted to make sure you still have plenty of options of ways to stay supported and connected this Summer.

If in a hard marriage:
Blog post: Do Not Try to Win Your Husband Back
E-book: Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage
Online support group: A Place for Us – Difficult Marriage (email me at to join)

If separated/divorced:
Blogpost: How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex-Husband
E-book: Living through Divorce as a Christian Woman
Book: Unraveling: Hanging onto Faith through the End of a Christian Marriage
Online support group: A Place for Us – Separated/Divorced (email me at to join)
In-person support group: DivorceCare

If a single mom:
Blog post: Curiosity Killed the Cat, But Can It Hurt My Kids?
E-book: Moving On as a Christian Single Mom
Online support group: A Place for Us – Single Moms (email me at to join)

If dating:
Blog post: Sex & the Divorced Christian Woman
E-book: Dating After Divorce
Online support group: A Place for Us – Dating after Divorce (*access with purchase of e-book)

If remarried:
Blog post: Is There Such a Thing as Happily Ever After?
Online support group: A Place for Us – Remarried (email me at to join)

If struggling with your life in general or faith or who-knows-what:
Blog post: My Life is a Mess. Again. Still.

If you’re a MOPS’ Coordinator, Women’s/Men’s/Adult Ministry Director, or DivorceCare Leader looking for a speaker:
List of topics

My hope is that the rest of your Summer is filled with rest, reflection and sweet memories with God, your family and your friends.

Gratefully yours,

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