Hi sweet ones,

The holidays – which are just around the corner – can be so very hard if you are in a season of pain.

I have walked through maybe a dozen painful holiday seasons over the course of my lifetime. While other people excitedly bought presents and baked cookies and opened up their homes to family and friends, I was doing everything I could just to stay above water, to act like I was joyful when that was the farthest emotion from my mind.

If you are in a difficult marriage, if you are going through a separation, if you are reeling from a divorce, if you just found out that you are sick, if you have a child who is making poor choices, if you or your spouse lost a job, or any manner of hard-life situations, you may be dreading this holiday season. And I totally get it. I’ve been there. (I’m there now.)

And because I get it, I decided to write a collection of devotionals for the hurting soul to sit with during the holiday season. Life doesn’t get magically better just because “it’s coming on Christmas”.

But I’m here to tell you that your life does not have to be perfect – or even close to it – to experience a meaningful holiday season, to deeply experience the love of the Baby-Jesus-turned-Savior. But it can be filled with more hope. And I believe that God will meet you where you are, even in your season of sadness or confusion or pain.

Here’s what some readers think about Holidays for the Hurting:

“In Holidays for the Hurting, Elisabeth offers a gentle companion through the season for those of us who are carrying pain and who are weary, and reminds us that the One who came for us at Christmastime is here with us today, walking us to our healing.” –People of the Second Chance founder, Mike Foster

“Over the course of a lifetime, we all face loss or pain or disappointment during the holidays. We want to walk through without bringing others down. We want to glorify God. We need one another to help us. Elisabeth helps us hold God’s hand and trudge through with hope.” -Charlotte

“Whether it’s for you or someone you know, Elisabeth’s Holidays for the Hurting is a beautiful gift that’s bound to open hearts to the hope and healing that is so desperately needed, especially during the holiday season.” –Scott Hodge, Lead Pastor of The Orchard Community

I am so excited to be able to share this resource with you as I continue to reach out to help hurting women by bringing them hopeCover. Even during the holidays.

So, TODAY you are able to order your copy of Holidays for the Hurting in PAPERBACK, in PDF form, or for your Kindle.

Here’s to a holiday season that is filled with grace and quiet moments and healing.

Gratefully yours,

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