Sweet ones, before I bring the blog back next week – which I’m excited to do – I’ve got another fun announcement for you.

Those of you who are on my email list already got the scoop but I wanted to cast a wider net in case there are some of you who might benefit from this special offer as well.

I often receive emails from you, my readers, asking for specific advice to your very personal life situations, and with over twenty-two hundred women on my email list and over fifteen hundred women in my private Facebook groups, I’m just not able to answer each email the way I wish I could.

So I am super excited to share something new that I’m going to be offering this fall as a way to help some of you ladies in a deeper, more personal way. I’m launching what I’m calling MarriageMentor and DivorceMentor.

1-e1440113605743MarriageMentor will be for those of you living in difficult marriages and trying to stay with integrity and dignity. We will tackle topics like how to remain respectful, how to know when to get a different kind of help, and how to determine when enough is enough, questions that I’m asked all the time by those of you in hard marriages.

DivorceMentor will be for those of you who have been through your divorce and are longing to move forward in your healing. We will touch on issues that I know you struggle with (because I’ve asked and you’ve told me!) such as how to avoid the cycle of abuse post-divorce, how 2-e1440114732975do you begin to live and thrive and even dream after a marriage dies, and how do you learn to trust again.

It will involve personal coaching with me via a monthly group Skype session, a monthly one-on-one 30-minute phone call, weekly assignments, and weekly articles that only group members will receive, beginning in September and running through November.

The value of this package is $497 but the introductory package will be only $99 per person per month for three months ($297 total, a savings of $200). I will only be able to offer this to six women per group, and both groups are filling up. Registration ends tomorrow night, so click here to secure your mentoree spot in MarriageMentor or DivorceMentor today!

My desire remains strong to help hurting women by bringing them hope. Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding the groups, and I hope to actually talk with some of you very soon!

Gratefully yours,


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