Sweet readers,

Though I just took a break in July from posting new material, due to personal reasons I feel compelled to let the blog sit quietly for a time while I think through some things.

This hurts me to do this because I know that some of you have been blog readers of mine for over four years and you come here twice a week hoping for fresh encouragement, and to each of you in a hard marriage and going through a divorce and trying to parent on your own, I am sorry for walking away in a season of need.

In the meantime, you can click on www.elisabethklein.com/blog (if you aren’t there right now) and take a look to your right. You can choose a topic that you’re looking for and click on individual categories, or you can read one of my most popular posts under each category:

Hard Marriage:
Do Not Try to Win Your Husband Back (originally posted March 2014)

Abuse is Not Just a Man’s Game (originally posted February 2014)

Jesus is Not My Boyfriend (originally posted December 2013)

Single Parenting:
Can I Share Stuff with My Kids? (originally posted February 2014)

My e-Harmony Profile (originally posted September 2013)

Sweet Girl, Arise (originally posted January 2014)

Also, here is a list of resources that I have created that may help you during this time as well:

A Place for Us: I moderate several private groups on Facebook for additional support. Simply email me at elisabeth@elisabethklein.com, let me know which group you’re interested in, and I’ll let you know what to do from there.

A Place for Us – Married: for women whose marriages are beyond the typical difficult.
A Place for Us – Separated/Divorced: for women who are walking through a separation or divorce.
A Place for Us – Restoring: for women whose marriages have turned the corner into restoration and reconciliation.
A Place for Us – Single Moms: for women who would like some additional support in their solo mothering journeys.
Refuge: a safe for women who are in a season of pain or recovering from one.

National Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
Need a safe place to stay? https://www.domesticshelters.org

For women who are in difficult marriages:
Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage: Questions & Suggestions
World Split Open

For women who are separated/divorced:
Unraveling: Hanging onto Faith through the End of a Christian Marriage
Living through Divorce as a Christian Woman

For women who are now single parenting:
Moving On as a Single Christian Mom 

I am so grateful for the comments, the Facebook messages, and the emails that remind me on a regular basis that what I write is helping you. Your stories and your questions and your kindness have kept me writing.

I’m not quite sure when I’ll be back or what it’ll look like, so I could use your prayers for wisdom.

Much, much love,


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