(Warning: today’s post is a random venting.)

I know I don’t really know Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck (though I like to think Jen and I would be BFFs) and I know I don’t really know Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert (though my daughter and I love to belt out Little Red Wagon and Richard and I had our first dance to God Gave Me You so I kinda feel like I do), but I don’t.

So why did the divorces of these two celebrity couples make me sick to my stomach, make me text my husband, make me sad, linger in my thoughts?

I don’t think it’s about them being celebrities and me being all into gossip, because I’m not.

And I don’t think it’s because I’d like to think I actually know these people, because I really do know that I don’t.

I think it’s about one simple thing. Divorce doesn’t feel right. Divorce was never supposed to be. And though I don’t know these couples, their divorces make me genuinely sad, for them, for the children involved, for the fact that divorce is even a thing.

I hate divorce. Like, I really, really hate divorce so very much, and I hate – really, really hate – the hard marriages that lead to them.

I’ve hated divorce since I was a little girl and I hate divorce even more now that I’ve been through one, and now that I’m navigating a new marriage and all the baggage my sweet husband and I both bring to the table.

Another marriage falling apart is simply a reminder to me that relationships are so fragile and that there is pain in this world and that people are hurting each other all the time and that some things should stay together but people don’t try hard enough and then yet some things just can’t stay together no matter how hard one or both tried.

And all of that makes me sad. So very sad.

So it’s not because I’m silly and starstruck.

It’s because I’m human and they are humans. And I’ve been through the pain, and I cringe every time I hear of another marriage coming to an end. Because it wasn’t supposed to be that way and though I know that healing can come, that road to healing is treacherous and long.

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