Most of my favorite things aren’t actually things…they are people, experiences, this season, my adorable porch, the sunshine on my face. But then there are some actual things that I am just loving right now and I want to share them with you.

I start my morning, every morning, with two or three cups of tea.  My absolute favorite tea these days is Adagio. A friend of mine and I went to their store in Naperville and enjoyed a tea lesson and tasting and I’m convinced even more of tea’s benefits. You can find their great selection here.

While my tea steeps, I turn on some music. What’s currently on repeat in my CD player these days is Sandra McCracken’s take on the Psalms.  It’s lovely and the perfect way to start a morning.

One of my best friends, Sheli Massie, is a writer. Her voice is authentic and raw and brave.  If you think I tell the truth, you’ll love this girl.  She believes that when we embrace our brokenness, we can start to heal. Gotta love that. Check out her blog.

Social justice has been an important issue to me for several years now.  Another one of my best friends, Erika Solgos, is on the frontlines helping empower women out of poverty through Trades of Hope. The jewelry they sell, made by women whose lives are being transformed, is almost all I wear. Seriously. I love it so much.  You will too. Take a look at what they’ve got here. (And heck, host an online party and get some free stuff!)

Finally, StitchFix. Oh my lands. If one can fall in love with an online clothing company, then my husband should be a bit concerned.  I think people think StitchFix must be too expensive.  But it completely doesn’t have to be.  First of all, the little quiz is so fun. They want to know about you and your personality and your lifestyle so they can choose clothes that fit who you are.  And then, when you share the link on social media, you can rack up credit that helps pay for your fixes.  You can sign up here or you can email me to ask me how it all works if you’re still nervous to try it. But don’t be; it’s totally fun.

Happy tea-drinking, music-listening, blog-reading, poverty-fighting, stitch-fixing!


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