You asked for proposal details, and Tall-Shadow said I could share, so here we go…

But first, a recap of our story:

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The Online Dating Sites I Used

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Some Super Fun News

(Oh my lands…good thing Tall-Shadow is okay with me writing about him!)

As you can probably tell by my blog and my Facebook writer page, we take quite a few pictures together.  I never used to be a huge picture-taker but it’s been such a sweet thing to document our courtship, which my creative fiancé used to his advantage in his proposal plan.

On December 29, we were sitting together, and he pulled out his phone, opened up to his photos and started scrolling through these…

IMG_5114 (2)













































Now, I’m just thinking he’s completely adorable that he had taken the time to add little captions to some of our pictures, until he scrolled to this one:










He then pulled out the precious ring (that we had stumbled upon together way back on my birthday when we were window-shopping), told me he loved me and asked me if I’d marry him.  Mouth gaping and tears streaming, I said yes.  (How could I not say yes to a man standing in front of a John Deere???)

I share this story with you – along with all the other personal stuff – because I so desperately want you to know that you’re not alone. That there are second chances. That there is redemption. That there is hope.  That there is new life. And I am one grateful, grateful girl…to my faithful, restoring-the-years-the-locusts-have-eaten, carrying-me-through God and to my sweet, kind, generous, thoughtful, God-loving, me-loving future husband.

P.S. And then he sent me this…(because he’s completely adorable).


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