I have been asking myself some of these questions at the end of every year for almost twenty years now. It’s a wonderful way to take in with gratitude all that’s happened and to prepare your heart for the year that’s coming. (I wish I could say I came up with them on my own; however, I’ve gathered them over so many years the sources have blurred.)

Who were the most stimulating people in your life (and why)?

What was your most meaningful spiritual experience?

What were your most significant family moments?

What was the biggest contributor to your personal growth?

What was the biggest blunder you committed?

What caused your greatest sadness?

What was your greatest joy?

How is my heart toward God?

What’s going well? What can you celebrate?

What are you trying to ignore?

What’s boring you?

How do you want to be remembered? What’s the ending you want to write for your life?

Who do you love?

So, what’s next?

Enjoy some time alone with God over the next few days thinking through your responses, and praying and wishing about what’s up ahead.

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