Dear friends & family,DSC01928

I just re-read my past three Christmas letters and I realize that I sound like a broken record, but in a good way: I continue to be so very grateful for my beautiful life.

Jack turned sixteen this summer, got his driver’s license and is a junior in high school this year.  Sara just turned eighteen, is a senior in high school and is the yearbook editor.  The three of us have had fun checking out colleges (all of which I considered in my college search a couple decades ago which is completely surreal) and Sara was recently accepted into her top three choices and made her decision.

It’s been a full year of starting out in Vegas visiting family (we’ll end the year out there again) and our annual vacation in Michigan.

I’ve been keeping busy with releasing four e-books and my first novel, and leading a few retreats for women.  I continue to completely love my work.13b

On a personal note, I tried dating this year and have met a really wonderful man who makes my life even better.

Regardless of any of our circumstances, my hope is that you are aware of God’s goodness in your life and his great love for you.

Wishing you the happiest and most peaceful holiday season, with all our love,

Beth, Sara & Jack

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