Someone recently told me that I maybe share too much on my blog.

Ya think?

I totally know that I do.

But here’s the thing.  I’ve heard that maybe a half dozen times in the past four or so years.  And I have two thoughts.

First, if they (or you for that matter) knew what I didn’t share, you’d realize that I’m in actuality holding back. It may not seem like I am, but I totes am. Trust me. I could totally name names and give more detail and be super mean.  But I don’t and I won’t and that’s not my style.

But secondly, and this is more important, in thinking back on the people who have read my blog and then said this to me – that I perhaps share too much – not one of those people are my audience.  Yes, they are my audience in that they kindly take the time to read what I write, but what I mean is that I hear way more from other people who tell me you get it and it’s like you know my life and you’re telling my story and thank you for being God’s voice to me when I was desperate.

And those people who write me those things – they are the ones in the thick of it…they are the ones who need to hear from me that I’ve been there and I remember and I understand and they’re not alone…they are the ones actually in difficult marriages, actually walking through divorces, actually raising their kids alone, actually healing from abuse, actually in pain.  Not one of the people who have suggested that I share too much are one of those women.

And that’s who I’m writing for.

If you read my blog just for the heck of it, thank you.  But I’m not writing for you.  I’m writing for the hurting ones.  And I’m going to keep writing the way I write because that’s what they need, that’s what connects us, that’s what hopefully brings them encouragement and support and hope and healing.

Listen, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.  But, as I’m learning, I don’t need to be.

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