One hundred and seventy-nine of you kindly took the time to complete my survey this week and the information I gathered was hugely helpful!

Two of the suggestions for improvement that I’ll be working on in the very near future are a better categorization of blog posts by life stage (you can see the new categories to the right…but it might take me awhile to clean that up, so hang tight, girlies) and more interaction from me on the private Facebook groups, something I totally want to honor and am definitely thinking through how to best do that (there’s just so many of you now!).

Here are some of the results:

99% of those who took the survey were women. Shocker.

Marital status:
Contentedly married:   .03%
In a difficult marriage:   20%
In a restoring marriage:   8%
Separated:   32%
Divorced:   39%

18-24:    .006%
25-34:    17%
35-44:    44%
45-54:    28%
55+:        10%

(What-what 35-44 year-olds!)

89% of you are in one of the private Facebook groups. So cool.

Top four products/services you’d like to see from me in the future:
Online course/webinars
Greeting cards (“When Life Hurts”) line
Membership site

(All things I’ve been kicking around…how about that???)

But maybe the best part was seeing why you read my blog…here’s what just a few of you had to say:

Elisabeth is real. She doesn’t water it down, yet speaks in love. She shares her trials and her victories. I feel as if I’m sitting down with my BFF each time she writes.

I read because of her honesty, her willingness to own her mistakes (but no more than her part), her commitment not to bash on others, and overarching it all, her faith that God is good in the midst of a life that doesn’t look like what she wanted.

I read the blog because Elisabeth instantly captured my broken heart with her genuine words and ability to express the emotions I was feeling in such a relatable way that just made sense, I knew I was not alone, nor was I crazy. I clicked through the blog that first night with tears running down my face knowing that it was going to be ok, because I had hope in a God who loved me and would build something beautiful out of the wreckage of broken dreams. Elisabeth is like the lighthouse keeper who makes sure even as the storm rages on, that we have a place to look to where we can see the love of Christ illuminating the way. And she does it all with a heart of compassion and empathy that only one who has walked this difficult journey could.

Because she changed my life.

Blown away.

I am so grateful for your time, input and support, along with some of the kindest words I’d read in a while.  I will be taking all of these thoughts into prayerful consideration. With everything in me, I want to provide a safe place…I want to provide empathy, support, answers, encouragement, compassion, help and hope.

Because we don’t have to walk alone anymore.

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Life isn't always how we want it. When change seems elusive, and we're stuck in old routines, a gentle push or some self-reflection can make a difference. Let these questions be that nudge to get you moving.

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