When I was nineteen, my first real boyfriend went away to camp and fell in love with a fellow counselor but kinda forgot to tell me. I had to find out through someone else. And once I did, my then not-really-my-boyfriend-anymore boyfriend came up with some interesting reasons why we should break up.

You’re not old enough for me. (I was one year younger.)
I’m already looking for a wife. (I never claimed I wasn’t willing.)
Maybe once you get your braces off, we could… (Yes, he really, really said that.) (And yes, I really, really had braces at nineteen…whatever. NOT THE POINT.)

But what it all came down to was this: He found someone else.

Now, the healthier person would finish that sentence like this: He found someone else who was better suited to him.

But what I took it to mean was this: He found someone else who was better than me, in every single way.

In other words, in very real ways, I felt utter rejection. I felt like he had held up our previous five months to his current five days with this new girl and said, “Yep, no comparison. I choose the new one”.

That break-up – my first real break-up – sent me reeling, but not for the reasons you might think.  I liked him. A lot. But I even knew I didn’t love him.  That we were okay together. But not great together. That he was a good guy but that he wasn’t my guy.  That I had to squint pretty hard to see a future with him.

The reason it sent me reeling was because his choice to reject me (my words, not his) echoed my wounds of abandonment and chaos and not-enough-ness that I had felt my entire life.  It was one big I-told-you-so.  One loud confirmation. One glaring just-when-you-thought-you-were-maybe-okay-ish…bam…not so fast.

So, now twenty-some years later, I find myself on the other side of a difficult marriage and difficult divorce. The rejection sirens blaring in every corner of my life.

And I have a choice.  I have a choice to become aware of the voices I’m hearing.  And I have a choice to flesh out lies from the Truth.  And I have a choice which words I will take on and live under and carry with me and allow to define me.

Will I choose to believe that I am worthy of being rejected on a continual basis? That once someone really gets to know me they will surely walk away in disgust?  Or will I choose to believe that some people don’t like me for me, but most people will?  That all people don’t have to like me?  That perhaps I just don’t fit with a handful of people, but there are a ton of amazing people in my life who love me just as I am?

And that perhaps, most importantly, I have a God who looks at my heart and says, “I have chosen you and have not rejected you.”  Will I listen to that Voice?  Will I walk in the freedom that Voice brings?

Walk free, sweet woman.  You are not rejected.  You are free.


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