featured_money@wdd2xI am unable to write this from personal experience as we’ve recently discussed that I’m a princess; however, I have a network of single women in my life so I asked what they have done to become financially self-sustaining post-divorce.

Here’s what these women who have made it to the other side have to say:


Be confident that you can get on your feet.

Really trust God to provide financial opportunities.

I believe God honors us if we take the steps forward to work to provide for our children even when we think it’s not how it was ‘supposed’ to be.

It took a friend telling me that I could do it.

God must be relied on.

If I need help, I have to learn to ask for it.

There is a need to figure out what is truly important in life.

The realization that you may be independent for a long, long time. That concept has to be grasped.

Women can do anything a man could do.

Educate yourself about budgeting and spending money.

You can’t do it all. (And that’s okay.)

Be flexible.

Living within your means and saving for the future are key.

Give yourself grace.

Give God the glory for all you are, all you have.

Memorize Scripture about God’s faithfulness.

There are plenty of creative things you can do to bring in extra money. Brainstorm a list.

Always seek God’s will for your life…He knows the situation so lay it in his hands.

Look outside of the normal, expected modes of income.

Begin tithing (even if it seems counter-intuitive).

Be open to whatever God brings your way.

You women who have been left or who have left for your safety or sanity and are trying to figure out how to take care of yourselves and your children…..you rock. If idolatry weren’t a sin, I’d bow before you. I’m in awe. You’re in the trenches in ways I don’t yet understand, and I am proud of you. God sees you. Keep walking.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. –Philippians 4:9-


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