Last summer, I had a new idea.  Another way that I could possibly help hurting women by bringing them hope. And so I prayed and journaled and asked others to pray. And now I am super excited to announce that I have created a one-day retreat for separated/divorced women to encourage and support them in their very specific needs.

And you, sweet one, are invited!

I’ve got two coming up:

Saturday, May 17, 9am-2pm
Ola la Ijorere
Elgin, IL
For more information or to register:

Saturday, October 11, 9am-2pm
Providence Presbyterian Church
York, PA
Registration information coming in June

If you are separated or divorced, you need to be reminded that God is sovereign, that you’re not alone, and who you are now. I want to do this for you.

We’re in this together. There is healing. There is hope. You are loved.

Join us!


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